About us

Metisse Music, a French music publishing company, was founded by Petra Gehrmann in Paris in 1985. Its owner had been working for a major, first on the record company side, then in various publishing functions, for about 10 years: first in Paris, then in Hamburg, and during the last five years, running the London / UK office in charge of international copyright and international A&R.

The French independent company has grown from a “one woman show” to an office of four, to take care of a catalogue that is growing constantly.

The philosophy behind Metisse Music is simple and two-fold: helping to make known music that is original and that in our view, merits attention in the market in which we are based; and protecting the rights of our authors and composers and making sure that they receive the income that is due to them.

In order to achieve the first goal, we try to be involved as early as possible in the careers of our authors and composers, and our contribution might involve anything from the financing of demos to proposing compositions to other artists, to record companies, movie producers and ad companies if the authors and composers happen to be recording artists also, and to promoting the recorded music with the local media.

In order to achieve the second goal, we work closely with our local collection societies and make sure that the copyrights are correctly registered and that the royalties are collected. We have also built a network of European independent partners that take care of those of the artists and catalogues represented by Metisse Music across Europe. We have partners looking after the European music we represent in Japan and in the USA and Canada, who will take care of copyright registrations and look after the music the same way as we are doing here in France.

Metisse Music represents in France, and often for the whole of Europe, authors and composers from abroad, mainly American, but also Cuban, Central and South American and from other European countries.

In parallel, we are developing our catalogue of French based authors / composers who are, in all instances, also recording artists.