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December 2004

Posted December 09, 2004

In preparation : The releases of three John Greaves related productions : the CD of French electronic/rock group “Maman” for which he wrote texts, co-wrote music and performs, to be released in the UK and subsequently in France through Voiceprint, and their distributors; and a project with young French jazz sax player Julien Loureau,... more

October 2004

Posted November 03, 2004

The following Métisse Music artists will be present or performing at showcases at the world music convention in Essen, Germany, at the end of October: 28th – Warsaw Village Band, Poland (Jaro Records); Motion Trio, Poland (Asphalt Tango Records) 29th – Renata Rosa, Brasil (Outro Brasil) 30th – Djamel Laroussi (off Wome... more

September 2004

Posted September 02, 2004

Métisse Music has signed the composers of the Canadian group Sanctuary, from Halifax. The trio of bass clarinet, cello and church organ performs beautiful music the inspiration of which, amongst others, Gregorian chant. They are signed to Warner Classics and will have their first international release in February/March 2005. Dixiefrog and Mét... more

July 2004

Posted September 01, 2004

Métisse Music signed a new track recorded on a new album by veterans “Peter Paul & Mary”, their first release of new material in 9 years, for Europe and Australasia. The title “Jesus on the Wire” tells the sad and true story of the killing of a homosexual in the US.Croatian Darko Rundek and his Cargo project on Piranh... more

May 2004

Posted April 29, 2004

The big movie “Dirty Dancing 2 – Havana Nights” features a copyright co-published by Métisse Music (via Fania) and EMI, originally released by Orishas: “Represent”, in two versions, rap and pop. The reworking of the title, which has had a big success here in France, is splendidly done. The film is out in the US, but... more

January 2004

Posted February 18, 2004

THE Warsaw Village Band (Jaro, distribution Harmonia Mundi) has won the BBC World Music Awards in the section: Newcomer. KASSE MADY DIABATÉ (Discos Corason/EMI distribution) from Mali is nominated for the Grammy Awards. Two versions of the title “REPRESENT” (originally by Orishas) which we co-publish with EMI will be featured i... more

November 2003

Posted November 06, 2003

Métisse Music will be representing a good part of the compositions of the new YOUSSOU N’DOUR album ” Sant ”, already out on his own label in his home country, Senegal, and which will be released internationally by Nonesuch (WEA) in the first trimester of 2004. Recording with a host of traditional musicians in Dakar and in Cair... more

October 2003

Posted October 09, 2003

Jon Hassell and his exquisite compositions and trumpet sound will grace the Trabendo in Paris on October 9 for a rare concert appearance.Jun Miyake, Japanese magician, creator of sounds and ambiances, trumpet player, too, will be at the Nouveau Casino on November 8. Remember his “Innocent Bossa in the Mirror” album, co-produced by... more

September 2003

Posted September 03, 2003

Brian Eno has released two experimental works only available through his site : BELL STUDIES FOR THE CLOCK OF THE LONG NOW and CURIOSITIES Volume 1. Métisse Music is sub-publishing country alternative act Willard Grant Conspiracy, the legendary group of Robert Fisher. They will be playing the Café de la Danse in Paris, in Se... more

Latest News May 2003

Posted May 16, 2003

Métisse Music signed French representation of the American catalogue African Broadband, containing the compositions of Habib Fayé and Kabou Gueye. The two musicians and authors/composers from Senegal are long-standing collaborators of Youssou n’Dour and co-wrote, amongst many others, about 50% of his most recent album, “NOTHING&#... more