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Watermelon Slim

Posted March 24, 2017

The new album “Golden Boy” by Watemelon Slim, which expresses the thousand and one lives of the American Bill Homans will be released in Europe on April 28 by the French label Dixiefrog. The weathered face of this outlaw blues artist is telling the story of his life: Vietnam veteran, blue-collar worker, 18-wheel trucker, socialist ac... more

Julian et Roman Wassefuhr

Posted March 14, 2017

It doesn’t happen too often that a purely instrumental jazz album reaches the German Pop Album charts. However, this has just happened for “Landed in Brooklyn” (ACT Music), the new album by the German trumpet player Julian and his brother, the pianist Roman Wassefuhr, two of the most successful German jazz musicians of their g... more

Larry Coryell

Posted March 08, 2017

Sad news: As all engaged jazz fans will have heard meanwhile, the legendary guitarist Larry Coryell died on Sunday, February 19, after having performed two shows on Friday and Saturday, February 17 and 18, at the Iridium in New York City. Coryell is known to many as the Godfather of Fusion, one of the pioneers of jazz rock. He brought what amoun... more

Omar Sosa

Posted March 02, 2017

Cuban pianist Omar Sosa album “Transparent Water” recorded with Seckou Keita has only just been released, and already, it is at No. 1 of the Transglobal World Music Chart for March, 2017! Don’t miss his live concert at Radio France this evening! more

La Caravane Passe

Posted February 28, 2017

La Caravane Passe, the French/Spanish/Eastern European/Gypsy group to be found in concert in many countries in addition to their home country, France, are already celebrating their forthcoming journey to Japan in March with a teaser that is great fun. You can get an idea about their musical travels through the videos available here: http://www.l... more


Posted February 28, 2017

Here is a track of one of Moroccan artist composer OUM’s very successful music TATRAGALTE: Seeing the number of visitors to the video it is obvious that this amazing lady is on her way to achieve a major international carreer. Already, the sales of her latest albums are bigger in Germany meanwhile than in her home country, Morocco or even in Fra... more

Maxime Bender

Posted February 23, 2017

The young saxophone player and composer Maxime Bender, is as active as ever. Having had his latest album “Path of Decision” released by the French Laborie Jazz label at the end of 2016, he performed for this release at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival in November and is continuing his collaboration on stage with drummer/composer Jeff Herr’s ... more

Omar Sosa

Posted February 22, 2017

The Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, enriches his discography in collaboration with Seckou Keita, London-based Senegalese singer and kora master. His new album “Transparent Water” is the latest example of Omar Sosa’s quest of seeking new combinations, a manifestation of improvisatory freedom wherein the musical destination is subordinate to the extempor... more

Sun Dew - Héloïse Lefebvre

Posted February 21, 2017

The young French, Berlin-based pianist and composer Héloise Lefebvre, will have her first album release entitled “Sun Dew”, recorded with her main partner, the guitarist and composer Paul Audoynaud and her also Berlin-based but very international sextet, on release on the French Laborie Jazz Label in May. While we are waiting to pass on the musi... more

Volker Goetze

Posted February 16, 2017

We are proud and happy to have been able to sign a worldwide collaboration with the German, New York based artist/composer and filmmaker Volker Goetze, whose main instrument is the trumpet. His next release, on the German label Membran, will be the album ”Bridges”, to be released in May with several concerts across Europe. more