News: Zied Zouari Trio - Les routes du Maqâm

Posted October 16, 2017

With his violin and his alto, the artist Zied Zouari creates the reminiscence of an ancestral chant, accompanied by contemporary rhythms. For this audacious creation, the artist has been accompanied by Julien Tekayan on drums and percussion and by Aburrahman Tarikci on bass, on saz and as a singer.
“Maqâm Roads” is an invitation for a musical journey which encounters the ‘Gnawa’ in Marocco, the ‘Tba’ in Tunisia, the ‘Mûgâm’ in Iran and even the “Raga” in India. The Mâqam comes across as a guideline that opens the dialogue of different musical traditions, from the Maghreb to the Extreme Orient. This project appears as a carrier of peace and justice, at a time of a morose and decadent actuality. It is a rare alchemy created by three exceptional artists.

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