News: Loïs Le Van - Rendez-vous à l'Ovyne

Posted November 21, 2017

Loïs Le Van, a young artist based in France, presents his music with a voice that is not typical in the jazz context, at all; delicate and strong at the same time. He is a talented composer who is very much present in the current French jazz actualities. His third album, just released, was recorded with a big band and gives the impression of being musically inspired, amongst others, by Maria Schneider, Carla Bley and Kenny Wheeler. The CD “Rendez-Vous à l’Ovyne” is a great presentation of the musical climate of this artist: mysterious and captivating. Don’t look for a crooner in the style of Chet Baker, don’t expect the usual sound of big bands – this record presents itself as a romantic journey.

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