Métisse Music Catalogue

Alejandro Schwarz

In his compositions, Argentinian guitarist Alejandro Schwarz evokes the present while keeping the essence of what makes the tango such a particular musical experience. He thus offers, in his very personal style, a new, contemporary tango.

Featured artists: Quinteto El Después Alejandro Schwarz

Armel Dupas


After studies at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, Armel Dupas performed in Parisian jazz club as a pianist as well as a composer and arranger of the bands he joined. Apart from his former personal project Waterbabies, he worked with Henri Texier or Sandra Nkaké and his talent for improvisation and composition also allows him to work for movie directors such as Arnaud Desplechin, Michel Gondry or Olivier Jahan. He also co-wrote the soundtrack of the movie “Inside Paris” for the filmmaker Christophe Honoré.

Featured artists: Armel Dupas



Formed in 1997 around Cyril Secq and Yvan Ros, as a guitar/drums duet, astrïd has stabilized with succesive arrivals of the violinist Vanina Andreani (1998) and the clarinettist Guillaume Wickel (2005).

Featured artists: Astrïd


BLAST is an electro-jazz band created by trumpet player Pierre Millet with a very original album release on independent French label Eklektik Rekords.

Benjamin Bobenrieth


Born in 1988 in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Benjamin Bobenrieth-Amondarain is passionate about electric bass and current music such as Rock and Funk. At the age of 15, he fell in love with the music of Django Reinhardt, he began playing guitar and began learning gipsy music.

Featured artists: Benjamin Bobenrieth

Cassius Lambert


Cassius Lambert is a bass player, composer and music producer. His compositions show an uncompromising approach to music. Playing with musical textures from jazz, classical minimalism, funk, rock and hip-hop Cassius Lambert creates a new innovative sound on the contemporary music scene.

Featured artists: Cassius Lambert

Charles-Eric Charrier


Charles-Eric Charrier is one half of the duo Man. Charles-Eric and his partner Rasim Biyikli have recorded three albums and worked for film soundtracks, painters, choreographers and completed many tours. He also writes and records as a solo artist under the name Oldman. He has as collaborated with many artists and musicians including Mathias Delplanque (LENA), Rob Mazurek, Abraxax, The Clogs, Orange Blossom, Teamforest, Le Coq…

Christophe & Tony Raymond


Christophe Raymond is an outstanding jazz violin player and composer, Tony Raymond an equally talented composer and original pianist. `Christophe & Tony Raymond` will have their first album on release on the label Lontano/Warner, France, in 2009.

Featured artists: Christophe & Tony Raymond

Claude Chalhoub


Claude Chalhoub is a young composer and violin virtuoso from Lebanon signed to Métisse Music worldwide, who has worked with Daniel Barenboim. His first eponymous album is a classy production by Michael Brook of compositions inspired by classical and oriental musical themes on Teldec/WEA. Chalhoub’s compositions are very much in demand for synchronisation. He released in 2009 his second album Diwan-Digi.

Denis Colin


Composer and bass clarinet player Denis Colin has been seen to develop his adventurous career as a soloist, in trio format, as a guest with Archie Shepp, in collaboration with Minneapolis singer Gwen Matthews and with the approximately 10 musicians of his own band . He also works in the film music field, collaborating with French artist and award winning cartoonist Florence Miailhe.

Denis Frajerman


Denis Frajerman is a French contemporary music composer/producer/musician with a highly original and very striking approach. His compositions for classical strings or jazz related instruments feature samples of animal sounds and electronic work. He collaborates amongst others with literary writer Antoine Volodine and with the Canadian film maker Guy Maddin.

Diabel Cissokho


Diabel Cissokho hails from the mainline of Cissokho griots. Diabel’s family are stars in the Senegalese firmament renowned for their versatile work in many musical genres including mbalax, tassou and yella. Diabel grew up in Dakar and has his base both in Senegal and in the UK.



A very effective French indie label specializing in Anglosaxon and French blues; first artists/composers signed on the publishing side were Benoit Blue Boy and Nico Wayne Toussaint as well as American artists Tino Gonzales, Phil Brown, Bonny B, Watermelon Slim, Gashouse Dave , Pura Fe , Neal Black, Nublues and the Golden Gate Quartet.

Featured artists: Big Daddy Wilson Dom Flemons

DJ Click


DJ and producer of his own albums released on his label No Fridge, DJ Click subtly integrates different musical cultures in his electro beats; whether with the Rumanian artist Rona Hartner in the context of gypsy music, with the Moroccans of the Gnawa Njoum Experience from Essaouira and the Hamadcha, one of the three most important so-called ‘popular’ Sufi brotherhoods in Morocco or with the ensemble electro-jazz UHT°. With his band Click Here, he mixes rhythms from the Balkans with those from Andalusia or with Greek Rebetiko, after having explored inspirations from Asia (Delhi and Jaipur) and elsewhere in previous records.

Featured artists: DJ Click

Djamel Laroussi


Djamel Laroussi, author, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Algeria, an especially skilled guitar player, features amongst the artists that have the gift to popularise music from their region and beyond without musical concessions. His compositions are an invitation to dance. The lyrics of the songs are written and sung in French, Berber and Arab language.

Elodie Pasquier

Clarinet player Elodie Pasquier is currently leading and composing for the band Mona, whose first album was released in September 2017.

Featured artists: Elodie Pasquier

Eric Longsworth


American composer Eric Longsworth is a cellist with the technique of a virtuoso player, the inventiveness of a storyteller and an inspired sense of melody, rhythm and improvisation; defined as a jazz musician, but with much openness towards and inspired by all kinds of music: ethnic, classical, blues. He is based in France.

Eve Risser


Eve Risser has her musical roots in chamber music as a flutist and pianist. While residing in Alsace, France, she merged in to the contemporary and jazz/improvised music world.

Featured artists: Eve Risser

François Elie Roulin


François Elie Roulin is the only French composer produced by Brian Eno on his Opal label. He has also played a large part in composing for the image industry: Film scores, TV station ID themes, music for credits, documentaries and commercials.

Fraser Anderson


The Scotland-born singer-songwriter Fraser Anderson began his career amongst the Scottish folk scene. Now based in France, his following is quietly building, making ripples from the French provinces to London and to New York.

Featured artists: Fraser Anderson

Gaëlle Buswel


This young French lady artist with a perfect English accent started her career inspired by the blues, but her musical universe is now also influenced by rock, folk and pop, in a very young and contemporary interpretation. Her stylish voice and her great presence on stage make her a very popular and internationally appreciated concert attraction.

Featured artists: Gaëlle Buswel

Ghetto Blaster


Ghetto Blaster continue heating up clubs and concert halls with their Afrobeat music, mixed with jazz and funk, their music takes you to Nigeria, where the musical style of Afrobeat was born. Created at the end of the 60ies by Fela Anikulapo Kuti, that music actively claims the improvement of human and social conditions in Africa, while never putting the groove and the dancing into second place.

Gino Sitson


The composer and vocalist Gino Sitson from Cameroon grew up in France and is now based in the USA. In the past, he lent his voice for recording and touring to many well known artists like Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Ray Lema, Jorge Ben, Wally Badarou et al. He has several solo projects on release. His CD “Song Zin” was released in 2002 on German world music label Piranha. He is touring with the project “Vocal Deliria” with some songs from his album of the same name, in view of recording the a capella ensemble the course of the year.

Giovanni Mirabassi


Giovanni Mirabassi the successful composer and jazz pianist from Italy based in France, has been recording for French label Sketch Records in the past and is now signed to French independent Discograph.

Gregory Dargent


Gregory Dargent is an interpret (electric guitar & oud), composer, producer.

Featured artists: L'Hijâz'Car Grégory Dargent - H Electrik Gem

Heloïse Lefebvre-Paul Audoynaud


Itamar Borochov


Deeply immersed in the jazz tradition, Borochovʼs search for his personal roots resulted in an ever-expanding love for Arab and Pan-African musical sensibilities. Quickly gaining international recognition as a jazz innovator, continues his musical quest, offering on Boomerang a music that reflects a rich global landscape.

Featured artists: Itamar Borochov

Jacques Coursil

Jacques Coursil : composer, trumpet player with a very special sound, as well as professor of linguistics, literature and the philosophy of mathematics, Jacques Coursil was born in Paris. His parents are from Martinique, and Coursil, citizen of the world, having lived and worked in the US, in France, in Africa and in Martinique, considers the island his real home.His last two albums are on release through Universal.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart


Jacques Schwarz-Bart is a jazz saxophonist from Guadeloupe, successfully blending his Caribbean roots with jazz influences from North America, Europe and elsewhere. Internationally known and appreciated, he has also collaborated with many great jazz musicians like Omar Sosa, Meshell n’Degeocello, D’angelo or Chucho Valdes, amongst others. He is also a professor at the Berklee College of Music.

Featured artists: Jacques Schwarz-Bart

Jerome Ettinger


Featured artists: Egyptian Project

Jon Handelsman

Jun Miyake


Jun Miyake , Japanese composer and producer hors pair, shares his time between Tokyo and Paris when he is not engaged in activities in some other parts of the globe. Amongst the compositions published are some composed for the Pina Bausch Tanztheater, some film music as well as the compositions of his latest album, “Stolen from Strangers”, with special guests like Arto Lindsay and Vinicius Cantuaria, Sanseverino, Arthur H. Lisa Papineau , Dhafer Youssef and Peter Scherer, released in autumn, 2008 across Europe and in Canada.

Khalifé Schumacher Tristano

The reunion of multi-instrumnetist Bachar Khalifé, vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher and pianist Francesco Tristano

Featured artists: KhaliféSchumacherTristano

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis


Kyriakos Kalaitzidis is the creator, artistic director, arranger and/or composer for En Chordais , an ensemble inspired by the domains of multicultural, learned and popular musical traditions of the Mediterranean. The group explores the creative continuity of the region as well as it’s contemporary musical trends, thus combining Byzantine and Art music of the Eastern Mediterranean with Greek regional idioms and contemporary music.

Featured artists: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis/En Chordais

Laurence Revey


Laurence Revey is a singer/songwriter from French-speaking Switzerlan. Her first album “Derrière le Miroir” produced by Chris Birkett (Shinead O’Connor) was biggest newcomer success in Switzerland in 1997. The following album “LE CREUX DES FEES” produced with the help of Hector Zazou, a world music project released on the French label Naïve in 2002 (Musikvertrieb in Switzerland) includes remixes by Gus Gus, Transglobal Underground, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvaer and Mich Gerber.

Laurent Pernice


Composer, keyboards player and programmer, Laurent Pernice has realised a subtle electronic album, titled “Drosophiles and Doryphores” with sax player Jacques Barberi.

Laurent Rochelle


Laurent Rochelle is a French composer, saxophone and clarinet player who was the founder of the French bands Monkomarok and Lilliput Orkestra and who has now created a new band, the Okidoki quartet, whose album is on release in 2016.

Featured artists: Laurent Rochelle - Okidoki Quartet Marc Sarrazy - Laurent Rochelle

Leïla Martial


Leila Martial, a young and fascinating vocalist, won her first award here in Paris already in 2009, as the best solo jazz artist of that year. These days, she is recognized as a master of that rare instrument: the voice, with her unlimited creativity, using a source of onomatopoeias which move and are transformed to adapt themselves to all the vocal regions that she explores. Without damaging or criticizing the traditional scat or the traditional expressions of vocal jazz, Leila Martial invents her proper language and communicates it in order to enter a kind of jazz that is open to all of the most modern music.

Featured artists: Leïla Martial



French electro-acoustic group with releases “Mundus Subterraneus” and “Tycho Brahe” as well as others in the past on the American Hearts of Space/Fathom label, re-released by Horizon, USA in 2005. Lightwave perform rarely, in very exceptional venues: A sculpture/music project with Anne & Patrick Poirier a the Gasometer cultural center in Oberhausen/Germany and their participation in the avantgarde Grenoble Festival with a concert in the subterranean caves , or at the Nice Observatory. Their latest album, “Bleue Comme une orange”, was released by Signature/Radio France, a French-based record label, as was their previous one, “Caryotype”.

Lionel Belmondo

Lionel Belmondo is a French saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger. He won several “Victoires du jazz” with his brother Stéphane Belmondo.

Featured artists: Lionel Belmondo

Loïs Le Van


Playing very eclectic jazz and always keen to create something new and original, Loïs le Van founded the Loïs le Van Sextet and Loïs le Van Quartet, bands whose compositions and arrangements display all the nuances of his voice.

Featured artists: Loïs Le Van

Lorenzo Naccarato


After 10 years studying classical piano, Lorenzo Naccarato starts a musicology curriculum at Toulouse university in 2007. He now develops a repertoire of compositions for piano solo and for trio.

Featured artists: Lorenzo Naccarato Trio

Louisa Bey


An excellent author/composer/jazz singer, Louisa Bey keeps a delicate balance with repertoire ‘singer/songwriter’ while drawing her inspiration from folk jazz and rock references, she is accompanied by her excellent young band with a soft jazz/pop groove.



Man produces a rare and elegant form of elctroacoustic music that touches base with uncharted territories where anything is possible. (my space) Charles-Eric and his partner Rasim Biyikli have recorded three albums and worked for film soundtracks, painters, choreographers and completed many tours.

Manuel Wandji


Composer and percussionist Wandji Manuel creates a subtle mix of urban and African traditional sounds. With three albums published through Métisse Music, this artist who divides his time between Cameroon and France is also very active as a composer for hip hop and African dance companies.

Marina Cedro


Marina Cedro, Parisian from Buenos Aires, is a rather complete artist: not only a beautiful singer and composer, pianist, guitarist, but a poet and last not least, a dancer.

Mathieu Fromont


Featured artists: Bo Weavil

Mathis Haug


Author composer and leader of the group Mathis and the Mathematiks, which released a first album in 2004 in Spain and then in France, in 2005, to great acclaim from press and radio, and with an excellent response to their concert performances. (my space) Mathis is preparing a new album release.

Featured artists: Mathis Haug

Maxime Bender


Featured artists: Maxime Bender

Mike Westbrook


Mike Westbrook is an English contemporary music and jazz composer, arranger and bandleader signed direct to Metisse Music with many compositions inc. three operas of contemporary music to his credit. His CD “Glad day”, with music inspired by the English mystic poet William Blake for big band, choir and solo voices is one of his releases on Enja Records, Germany. Westbrook’s grand classic “London Bridge” has been re-released in 2009.



MonkOMarok a French band from Toulouse in the south of France. They never cease to amaze their audiences with an eclectic and energetic mix of musical influences from the Orient, the Balkans and Southern Europe, presented with gusto, mixed with improvisation and poetic inspiration from some latin poets. The members of the band are also working on individual projects.

Nader Mekdachi


Nader Mekdachi is the author/composer, singer, guitarist, leader and producer of the French group PADAM. Within the last 15 years, during which they had four albums on release, the group has developed a very personal repertoire of “chanson française” based on lyrics that are filled with humour and love, that are nostalgic or mocking, and always relevant and original. As for the music, it often flirts with inspirations coming from different sources, choosing, for example, a mix of oriental and eastern European influences to accompany those lyrics.
When the accordion meets the bouzouki – the result is PADAM!

Featured artists: Padam

Naïssam Jalal


Featured artists: Naïssam Jalal

Natalia M. King


This American artist, based in France in recent years has had her first album entitled “Milagro” released by Universal France in 2001. Metisse signed Natalia M King to a three year publishing contract on the strength of her demos. The album has also been released in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and the United-States. Her last album published by Métisse Music, “FuryandSound” was released in the spring of 2003.

Neal Black


Neal Black from San Antonio, Texas, USA, is one of the most gifted songwriters and guitarists in the blues/rock idiom on the scene today. Now based in France after three years in Mexico, Neal seduces with his amazing voice and innovative approach. The international media compare his talent to that of greats like Tom Waits, Townes van Zandt, Ronnie Earl and Johnny Winter..

Norberto Pedreira


Norberto Pedreira trio are three Argentinans based in France. They have recorded their first album for the French label Aïa Music, associated with Al Sur/Disques Concord. Their music has Latin American roots but is subtly modern and of great appeal.

Owl Records


Metisse Music copublishes a number of authors/composers/artists of the Owl Records catalogue, what is now part of Universal Jazz France / Verve: Paolo Fresu, Stefan Oliva, Jimmy Giuffre, Helen Merrill…

Paolo Fresu


Paolo Fresu the Italian jazz trumpet player from Sardinia, constantly touring and very appreciated in France, recorded three albums for BMG and several for OWL which are now part of Universal’s catalogue and which are published or co-published by Métisse Music.

Pascal Lamour


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Pascal Lamour is deeply rooted in the music of his region, Britanny, on the French Atlantic coast. The Celtic influences of this music are very present in his songs, as are all kinds of modern musical languages like electronics, samples, the rhythms of reggae and rap. His CDs are released on his own label BNC which also features other musicians from Britanny, known to be a hothouse of creativity in France.

Pascal Schumacher


Composer and vibraphonist from Luxemburg, Pascal Schumacher writes not only for duo, trio, quartet and ensembles, but has also created and produced music for film, theatre and dance projects.

Featured artists: Pascal Schumacher

Paul Brock


Paul Brock is a contemporary music composer as well as a very talented painter. Based in Paris, he was born in Morocco of French and American parents and has been living in many different places. The appreciation of what surrounds him is palpable in his music, which integrates samples of the sounds of the streets and houses, of nature, voices and whatever catches his ear. He reworks these and joins them with his piano and other instruments, like the Cristal Baschet.

Paul Lay


His 2009 debut album “Unveilling”, was celebrated by the French critics as well as his audiences .Now well identified on the jazz scene, and also much appreciated by the classical world, Paul Lay confirms his position as a leader amongst the young European jazz generation.

Ramon Goose


The versatile young blues guitarist Ramon Goose explores many music genres, including world music. Travelling across Africa, he has collaborated with many renowned musicians, including the Senegalese Diabel Cissokho, and formed the West African Blues Project. His most recent venture is Coconut Revolution: a collaboration with Jim Palmer and the Senegalese Modou Toure (Senegal). Through the years Ramon has worked with Eric Bibb, Pee Wee Ellis, Chris Thomas King, Daby Toure (Mauritania), Atongo Zimba (Ghana), Justin Adams, Julian Joseph and many more.

Featured artists: The West African Blues Project

Raphaël Imbert


Raphaël Imbert is a saxophonist and jazz composer, recipient of a ‘Villa Médicis hors les murs’ award for his research into sacred music and jazz, he won the 28th national jazz competition at La Défense in 2005 with his ensemble Newtopia.

Featured artists: Raphaël Imbert

Reis / Demuth / Wiltgen


Pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen, three of Luxembourg’s most up and coming jazz musicians, formed the Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio in 1998.

Featured artists: Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio

Renata Rosa


Renata Rosa is an artist from Brasil presenting the music of the Noreste, the northern part of Brasil. Her music reflects the crucible of Brazilian influences, which includes indigenous, African and Portuguese elements. Her soaring voice, instrumental flair, compositional skills and beautiful personality have made her a popular artist at festivals across Europe, where two of her CDs were released in the past.

Featured artists: Renata Rosa

Renaud-Gabriel Pion


Renaud-Gabriel Pion is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who uses real-time electronics. He plays bass clarinet, Turkish clarinet, saxophones, bass flute, English horn, e.w.i (electronic woodwind) and piano.

Featured artists: Renaud-Gabriel Pion Atonalist

René Aubry


René Aubry is a multi instrumentalist and a composer for dance and theatre performances as well as for the cinema. He is a creator of unique sound atmospheres.

Featured artists: René Aubry



‘Sanctuary’ is a unique trio of the musicians Jeff Reilly bass clarinet, Christoph Both on cello and Peter Togni , organ from Nova Scotia, Canada which explores ancient plainsong, improvisation and contemporary music. They were signed to Warner Classics UK and have their CD “The Heart Has its Reasons” on release since 2005. Peter Togni recently created the choral work “Lamentations of Jeremiah” with improvisation by Jeff Reilly , released by ECM in 2010 and frequently performed in Canada.

Featured artists: Jeff Reilly

Sangoma Everett


Sangoma Everrett is an American drummer born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He has recorded dozens of albums as a leader or sideman and has been part of many adventures and innovative projects for the last two decades.

Featured artists: Sangoma Everett Trio

Sara Alexander


The Israeli composer/singer/instrumentalist based in France, with a beautiful album called “CAFE TURC” on release on Al Sur, is inspired by all the music around the Mediterranean and has recorded with musicians from Greece, Italy, Turkey and France. Sara Alexander is an untiring messenger of tolerance and understanding between people of different cultures and different religions who remains constantly active in fostering the understanding between Israel and Palestine.

Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira


Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira, baritone saxophonist, tenor and viola, began her classical training at the Regional Conservatory of Limoges.
Originally from Portugal, it is also this energy and quality to apprehend time that push her to write and want to weave links between Jazz, traditional music, improvisations electro accents often present.

Featured artists: Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira



Sublime has been living in Japan for more than 20 years. Known for her interpretations of French standards, she has been collaborating with numerous local musicians among whose Coba and Jun Miyake. With them, she created her repertory of original songs

Sylvain Chauveau


The work of the young composer Sylvain Chauveau is attracting an ever growing number of film directors in France and abroad. His minimalist approach, often compared to Satie, his film music work and his great voice which we are likely to hear more of in the future makes him attractive not only to French labels and a French audience. His albums have recently been released in the UK by FatCat and by Type Records.

Sylvain Rifflet


Composer and multi-instrumentist Sylvain Rifflet, founder of the band Rockingchair together with trumpet player Airelle Besson and composer, amongst others, of the original soundtrack of “Dernier Maquis” by French director Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche.

Toma Feterman


Composer Toma Feterman leads the urban/gypsy/rock band La Caravane Passe and also the acoustic Klezmer ensemble Trio Freylekh Trio . The inspired music of La Caravane Passe is available on two albums, “Go to Plechti!” and the double CD/DVD “Velkom Plechti”, on release since the end of 2007. The band built its reputation by touring France and will now be travelling to make their music known outside of France. The Freylekh Trio have their third album on release in 2009.

Volker Goetze


The new York based , originally German artist Volker Goetze, trumpet player, composer and filmmaker has a large musical spectrum going from classical to jazz and contemporary music. Also including musical inspiration from other parts of the world, he has created some exceptional work with African and other collaborators.

Featured artists: Volker Goetze

Yana Bibb


Yana Bibb is a vocalist and songwriter. Born in Manhattan, grew up in Sweden, currently based in New York City. The music she writes draws from Jazz, American Folk and Blues
 and incorporates elements of Scandinavian Folk melody.

Featured artists: Yana Bibb

Yaron Herman


Yaron Herman, a young jazz pianist from Israel, has been based in France for the last few years. Having released his first album on French label Sketch Records at the age of 22, in 2003, he has signed with the label Laborie, distributed by Naïve for a solo project entitled “Variations” released in 2006, followed by the trio production “A Time For Everything” recorded with Matt Brewer and Gerald Cleaver in 2007. The trio album “Muse” is on release in 2009.



This popular jazz (and more) clarinettist and composer of very good melodies, has his fourth album on the label Buda Musique “With Love”, by Yom & the Wonder Rabbis on release March 2011 – this is the start of our collaboration.

Youri Defrance


In love with Mongolia and pure nature, Youri Defrance is a musician and globe-trotter. He nourishes his blues with the richness of his travels, geographical and spiritual. His music is a true invitation to travel, a meditation.