Jacques Schwarz-Bart



Soné Ka-La 2 (Odyssey)

Label: enja yellowbird
Release date: October 16, 2020

Odyssey is first and foremost a tribute to the Africans who crossed the Atlantic tied in chains, and found the strength to create arts and music that have reshaped and elevated the modern world.
The original Sone Ka-La came out in 2005. Fifteen years later, he is back to his Ithaca, his musical landscape of Guadeloupe, with a new vision of the original concept. Sone Ka La 2 Odyssey‘s main innovation is to fuse the singing and the saxophone into one voice, carrying the melodies, might they be tumultuous, angular, mysterious or serene. Secondly, instead of two Gwoka Drums, one of the Gwoka masters plays the drums, transferring the traditional language to a modern instrument. Finally, there are more contemporary sounds throughout, from the keyboards, the frequent presence of electric bass, and generous use of effect pedals on the saxophone. With the rich experience from his Odyssey, JSB plants his feet firmly into the musical ground he forged years ago, to propulse his creative mind further than ever before.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart  - Soné Ka-La 2 (Odyssey)


Label: Yellowbird
Release date: September 28, 2018

Hazzan is a Jazz creation embracing Jewish liturgical music, improvisational sequences and infectious rhythms. The name Hazzan means cantor in the Jewish tradition. It came to me from a Rabbi commenting on my performance of Adon Olam as a jazz duet for the Jewish French Foundation (FJF) in 2008. He said: “When you played, your notes sounded like a prayer. You are a hazzan on your saxophone”.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart  - Hazzan