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Coup de Coeur

Posted December 07, 2018

Bay Area pianist Myra Melford – whom the New Yorker called “a stalwart of the new-jazz movement” – has spent the last three decades making brilliant original music, in equal parts challenging and engaging. She has explored an array of formats, from dynamic solo-piano recitals to deeply interactive small groups and even the swinging grandeur of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. But it’s her quintet Snowy Egret that best defines her artistry in 2018: “I really feel like it’s the vehicle that expresses where I am as a composer, performer and bandleader right now,” she says.
Release : 02 november 2018
Label : Firehouse 12 Records

Posted November 29, 2018

Raphael Imbert, award winner of a Victoire du Jazz for the album “Music is My Hope”, performs"Here’s a Song" with his band during the Saint Nectaire Vallée Verte Festival last summer. With Marion Rampal et Aurore Imbert, Thomas Weirich, Pierre Durand, Pierre-François Blanchard et Jean-Luc Difraya.

Posted November 28, 2018

Now on cd / lp / digital & on tour.
“Christmas With My Friends VI” is a celebration, and everyone who enjoys exceptionally good Christmas songs from Bach to ABBA in new and characterful interpretations is most welcome to join in. With Ida Sand, Jeanette Köhn, Jessica Pilnäs, Sharon Dyall, Eva Kruse, Johan Norberg, Jonas Knutsson.

Posted October 25, 2018

For this music / photography creation around the French nuclear tests of the 60’s in the Algerian Sahara, Gregory Dargent (oud) invites two of the most amazing musicians of the free jazz and traditional music scenes: Anil Eraslan (cello) and Wassim Halal (percussion), to question the irradiation of Art, the loss of identity of the victims and the freedom of the desert, somewhere between trances, improvised music and electronic explosions.
Release : 19 october 2018
Label : Bison Bison

Posted September 20, 2018

In September 2014, at the backstage of our Paris concert, Dairo asked me to produce his album. “An approach unattached to any existing format, an innovative approach to Jazz. Something collage-like using all the tones of instruments I play, nuances, and styles”. After passionately telling me about his image on what he desired he muttered, “I think the title should be Last Album or Last Picture”. From a contemporary French style to Free Jazz, he was someone with an immeasurable range of musicality. This one individual played the sopranino sax, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, even drums, Timpani, and percussions freely. Dairo Miyamoto was an indispensable presence in my music. I never thought for a second that he could ever leave my side. Sealed with his brilliance on his approach of always managing to cut through your expectations in the most delightful way, at times inviting smiles from all his collaborators, or at times shaking them to the core… I dedicate this album to Dairo and Satomi.

Release : 28 September 2018
Label : Cristal Records

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Posted April 24, 2018