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Coup de Coeur

Posted March 06, 2018

This is the second album the Cuban pianist Omar Sosa has made with the splendid NDR Hamburg radio band – its predecessor was called Ceremony and came out in 2010 – and as before, the arranger is the Brazilian Jacques Morelenbaum. Sosa’s solos are as propulsive and melodic as one would expect, whether at the grand or going electric, but the real icing on the cake is Morelenbaum’s work on the arrangements. The tunes are taken over the range of Sosa’s back catalogue.They range far and wide in terms of manner and mood, and the instrumental delights just keep coming.

Posted February 19, 2018

The new recording by the French jazz composer, artist and writer Raphaël Imbert is called “Music is my Hope” follows his previous CD “Music is my Home” and is released by Jazz Village/PIAS here in France since the end of January, The release was followed by several concerts, including festivals, with more to come in the near future. With his music, Imbert shares an intimate testimony as much as a flamboyant invitation. It takes us to a place where music is at the same time ardent and essential, where it unites protest, prayer, activism, love, the sacred and the profane. By the strength of its live-saving humanity, can make us move and can make us feel closer together.

Posted November 21, 2017

Loïs Le Van, a young artist based in France, presents his music with a voice that is not typical in the jazz context, at all; delicate and strong at the same time. He is a talented composer who is very much present in the current French jazz actualities. His third album, just released, was recorded with a big band and gives the impression of being musically inspired, amongst others, by Maria Schneider, Carla Bley and Kenny Wheeler. The CD “Rendez-Vous à l’Ovyne” is a great presentation of the musical climate of this artist: mysterious and captivating. Don’t look for a crooner in the style of Chet Baker, don’t expect the usual sound of big bands – this record presents itself as a romantic journey.

Posted October 16, 2017

With his violin and his alto, the artist Zied Zouari creates the reminiscence of an ancestral chant, accompanied by contemporary rhythms. For this audacious creation, the artist has been accompanied by Julien Tekayan on drums and percussion and by Aburrahman Tarikci on bass, on saz and as a singer.
“Maqâm Roads” is an invitation for a musical journey which encounters the ‘Gnawa’ in Marocco, the ‘Tba’ in Tunisia, the ‘Mûgâm’ in Iran and even the “Raga” in India. The Mâqam comes across as a guideline that opens the dialogue of different musical traditions, from the Maghreb to the Extreme Orient. This project appears as a carrier of peace and justice, at a time of a morose and decadent actuality. It is a rare alchemy created by three exceptional artists.

Posted September 29, 2017

Rivières de la Nuit (Rivers by Night) is the first album released by the new label « Douzième Lune » (12th Moon), a record company that is dedicated to experimental and contemporary music. The recording is the testimony of a new development in the context of the music of Denis Frajerman, the composer and producer with a great musical past and with the capacity of creating a lot of images in our minds. This new, delicate and partly melancholic music approaches contemporary music as well as folk, as cold wave, jazz or chamber music, granting appreciation to lyricism, to feminine voices and to string instruments.

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Marc Sarrazy - Laurent Rochelle
Chansons pour l'oreille gauche

Raphaël Imbert
Music Is My Hope

Loïs Le Van
Rendez-vous à l'ovyne

Marc Sarrazy - Laurent Rochelle - Chansons pour l'oreille gauche
Raphaël Imbert - Music Is My Hope
Loïs Le Van - Rendez-vous à l'ovyne

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Posted January 13, 2015

The year 2015 will be a crucial one for music, for the artists and for the music business. Times are changing more and more quickly, and we all need to adapt, find new solutions, make new connections while pursuing our various musical passions. In France, like in many other countries, independent record companies and distributors are struggling, music publishers need to adapt to new systems at our SACEM society and need to try and make up for missing support for artists/authors/composers elsewhere; giving artistic advice, creating connections with other musicians, helping to find labels and... more