Métisse Music Catalogue

We represent the following labels for publishing and promotion in France:

Asphalt Tango Records


Publishing catalogue associated with the new label based in Berlin and specialized in Eastern and Gypsy Style.
The publishing catalogue of the Berlin based world music label, production and management company of the same name contains some exquisite music, mostly from Eastern European musicians. Several artists are signed, ErsatzMusika, Gabi Lunca , La Cherga , Motion Trio , Oana Cătălina Chiţu

Jaro Records


a German label specializing in “world music” (Luis di Matteo, Voix Bulgares) repertoire and some other eclectic projects (music of Charlie Chaplin, “Voices” collection, Bulgarian Voices, Moscow Art Trio, Huun Huur Tu , Hazmat Modine , The Bremen Immigrant Orchestra , The Bulgarian Voices Angelite , Warsaw Village Band

West One Music Group


Founded in 2002 with the simple objective of producing only the highest quality production music, West One Music Group is now a powerful, globally recognised force in the industry, offering an ever expanding collection of music, through its family of independent labels.