Youri Defrance


Attracted by different cultures including Shamanism, Youri Defrance had often left the beaches of Brittany to integrate the magical approaches other parts of the world, including Peru and Mongolia,. Inspired and fascinated by his experiences, he expresses himself musically with a certain strength, preoccupied with creating a direct emotional touch. Youri describes the vibe of his music as Psyché blues or Delta blues, i.e. rock and blues mixed with ethnic tribal music.
Music influenced by Mongolian tradition is a union, the meeting of two forces: shamanism and a scientific approach, he comments.
Mongolian throat singing, which is also part of Youri’s repertoire, is a particular polyphonic style, in two different frequencies, sung with one voice. In concert, Youri mainly uses his acoustic or reso-phonic guitar and his Mongolian fiddle plus a bass rhythm applied with his foot. He explains: My music communicates with the spirits. When I play in concert , I often perform two sets that are completely different; the first is easy and the second is more complex because it expresses what I compose with other people … if the audience listens, not to my ego embroidered with sequins but to the sounds from our ancestors, our inner road, animal totem, then it’s a discovery and a sharing of shamanism".