The Bulgarian Voices Angelite


Once upon a time there was a choir that took the world by storm featured in countless concert halls and heard world wide, they’re still doing just that in a slightly different line up they were called by a french name … we now are proud to offer this wonderful wonderful musical phenomenon again in conjunction with Jaro
Obviously this show is only available for larger shows but welcome all enquiries.

They produce sounds of the most peculiar vocal timbre, almost as if it was not produced by the human vocal apparatus at all but by an instrument from some foreign corner of the world. They glissando, shout and embellish, combine crazy rhythms, stack their voices to form audacious chords. And suddenly the folklore clich.. cracks. ..Archaic sound-worlds from far-distant times.. are what one listener thinks he has heard, another a ..marriage of avant-garde and the medieval… Both are talking about the same unique choir of twenty-four women: The Bulgarian Voices – Angelite.

No-one who has experienced one of the many concerts performed by this incomparable, legend-inits- own-time choir has been able to escape the charm and fascination of its voices. Before the fall of the iron curtain, it was known only to insiders in the West, but since the end of the 1980s the Bulgarian Voices have attained unparalleled success. On concert tours the world over, the singers have roused the enthusiasm of countless listeners with their surprising, enchanting and incredibly precise song .. song which touches the soul.

The reward: In 1993 the choir was nominated for two Grammies in the U.S.
The hypnotic, bell-like quality of their voices has taken their song around the globe, turning the twenty-four Bulgarian women into international stars along the way. In many instances, these mystical voices have succeeded in abolishing the boundaries between East and West, young and old, pop and classical.


Angel's chrismas

Label: ZBR
Release date: January 01, 2003

Singing is an important tradition in Bulgaria, especially at Christmas, whether at church or caroling in people’s homes. There is a unique sonority specific to Christmas within the incredibly rich musical palette. This recording contains Bulgarian folk carols, Orthodox Church music and more familiar Christmas tunes, such as “Silent Night.” The simple melodies and sincere lyrics of these songs will bring joy and peace to your Christmas celebration.

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Angel's chrismas

Balkan Passions

Label: Jaro
Release date: January 01, 2002

An old Balkan proverb goes, ‘There are no limits to a song.’ ‘Balkan Passions’ combines the talents of 20-woman Angelite and their conductor Georgi Petkov with guest musicians Maria Farantouri of Greece, percussionist Okay Temiz and pop star Sezen Aksu, both from Turkey, and Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia to create a powerful recording that touches and effects us across international boundaries. ‘Sadba’ (Our Destiny), the driving ‘Damba,’ the rhythmic dance tune ‘Dilele,’ the joyous ‘Mi ideme preko pole’ (We Are Coming Across the Field,’ the Albanian folk song ‘I Went to Elbasan,’ ‘Makedonsko devoiche’ (A Macedonian Girl), ‘Devoiche belo, tsurveno’ (Hey, You Girl, All White and Red), ‘Krai rekata’ (by the river) and ‘Sasedi’ (in the neighborhood) are particularly fine. All songs are accompanied; most only lightly. Beautiful, full-color liner notes tell us about the groups and the music. ‘Balkan Passions’ is excellent – a spirited, romantic collection of music from another world.

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Balkan Passions

Mercy For The Living

Label: JARO
Release date: January 01, 1999

When Bulgarians, at the end of the 20th century, look back to find their national history, they saw the Bulgarian orthodox church with its canonic ritual and religious traditions that few people had access to under the socialist regime in Bulgaria. ‘Mercy for the Living,’ for a ‘man’s voice and a women’s Folk Choir, places us in a seat in the early church, with beautiful music from the orthodox services, beginning with the lovely ‘Great Litany,’ ‘Rejoice, Mother of God,’ ‘Great Song of Praise,’ and ‘Is It Honorable.’ The four final pieces, ‘Small Litany,’ ‘The Mystical Sacrifice, ‘Holy God,’ and ‘Our Father,’ are all very fine. Throughout, however, the sound is that of angels in this rarely-heard collection of Bulgarian orthodox church music. Beautiful and touching.

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Mercy For The Living