After pioneering the concept of Balkan clubbing with his now-legendary Bucovina Club parties and albums, after working his DJ voodoo around the world (and driving crowds to ecstatic bliss), after setting very high standards for dancefloor-oriented Gypsy music with his own seminal tracks and with his remixes of tracks by Mahala Rai Banda, Taraf de Haidouks & more… …Shantel has now moved on to the next step with the fab Disko Partizani! album, which lays the groundwork for a new brand of pop music. This is the sound of new Europe, centered in the middle of our old continent, but incorporating vibrant influences from the emerging new frontier which stretches all the way to Mitteleuropa, the South East, Greece, Turkey and beyond… Disko Partizani! sees Shantel successfully synthesizing his experiences as a producer, musician and DJ to create catchy, energetic and festive pop songs, full of hooks and surprises. The album features great performances by a host of musicians from southeast Europe and by Shantel himself, who also appears on lead vocals, gracing several tracks with an unexpected, elegant deadpan delivery. Essay Recordings (Shantel’s label) and Crammed have joined forces for this very special album, which will come out in early September 2007. Shantel will be extensively touring with the Disko Partizani project, accompanied by his Bucovina Club Orkestar, a full 8-piece band. Shantel, who started out as a respected electronica producer (with two albums out on Studio K7), has taken to the music of Eastern Europe following a trip to Bucovina, in search of his family roots. His Bucovina Club albums have earned him several awards (including a BBC World Music Award). Stop press: Shantel has written the original music for “The Edge Of Heaven”, the new Fatih Akin movie which just won an award at the Cannes Film Festival.


Viva Diaspora

Label: Essay Recordings
Distribution in France: La Baleine
Release date: September 11, 2015

For the past couple of years, Shantel has been commuting between his home base in Frankfurt and his newly adopted home of Athens to meet like-minded people, make music, and experiment. The new studio album Viva Diaspora is strongly inspired by the creative anarchy of crisis-ridden Athens. A 24-hour trip stopping off at Athens – Frankfurt – Paris – (Kingston) – Brooklyn – Istanbul.
“Cosmopolitan, globetrotter, paprika bambaataa, constantly in search of new sounds: Shantel has form when it comes to turning pop cultural clichés and conventionally accepted genre definitions upside down. When he then goes on, with his Bucovina Club Orkestar, to bring the entire stage to life, moulding global sounds into compact, anarchic hymns, eclecticism and escapism no longer seem so very far apart.” (Remy Kolpa Kopoul)

Shantel - Viva Diaspora

Anarchy + Romance

Label: Essay Recordings
Distribution in France: La Baleine
Release date: October 23, 2013

Whereas his previous albums were conceptually oriented productions, Anarchy & Romance is his first artist-focused album. His previous albums structured basses and beats with the obvious aim of getting the dance floor moving. This time, in departing once again from the mainstream to create yet another unique world and a completely new approach, Shantel starts with the live situation to craft a more open sound that is riskier, rougher, rawer – in short, more colourful. Instead of an emphasis on electronic sounds, it has a more organic, grungy, garage-band feel. Shantel writes and sings all the tracks himself, plays guitar and various other instruments. With frenzied guitar riffs and howling electronic keyboard (in this case a vintage Fender Rhodes piano from the 70s) he deconstructs a boogie into syncopation, fires up a disco number with flamenco rock guitar, and indulges in sheer hedonism with minimalist shuffle beats and a pinch of rockabilly.

Shantel - Anarchy + Romance


Label: Essay Recordings
Release date: August 10, 2005

Word got around about his Bucovina Club nights and the remix album of the same name Shantel issued on his Essay label. Then Crammed Discs employed him (and several other DJs) to remix their Taraf De Haidouks and Kocani Orkestar recordings as Electric Gypsyland. The resulting album was intermittently successful but it helped promote Shantel’s musical vision internationally. His 2005 Bucovina Club Volume 2 collection has proven a major European Where most techno and house was characterless and lacked any organic elements Shantel’s managed to mix Gypsy magic with a hi-tech pulse.

Shantel called his night Bucovina because his maternal ancestors have roots in the region, once part of the mighty Habsburg Empire but now partly in Romania and partly Ukraine. Bucovina Club Volume 2 features Balkan heavyweights Goran Bregovic and Fanfare Ciocarlia alongside a Gypsy take on North African anthem Ya Rayah and other material.



Label: Essay Recordings
Release date: July 19, 2005