Paul Brock


I’m the eldest of a family of four children and was born the 1st January 1951 in Agadir, Morocco, of a French father from the Réunion Island and an American mother. My parents met in Texas in 1946 in the army stationed in Corpus-Christi, a training base for the pilot students of the “France libre”. My mother worked there as a meteorologist and my father succumbed to the charms of her forecasts.

In normal daily life, my mother was an excellent pianist. She understood Beethoven and all the rest with the soul of a child. My father lived through wars and family as you live in a dream. He came back down to earth when my mother left us for another world. As he didn’t know what to do of our burdensome sadness, he carefully put the family into lodging at the houses of different people, then he locked himself into his mourning, with dignity.

In his novel “The Pearl”, Steinbeck talks about an interior music of the family, this music appears when everything is all right, even in the worst times. I’ve been nourished for a long time by this ground swell that carries life into the heights of survival.

I studied four years at the Conservatory of Music, Drama and Dance in Toulon, France in the early 60’s. In those days the director and the teachers still wore pocket watches and, for the more modern amongst them, a grey three piece suit. There I learned, on Thursdays afternoons, the love of music, how to play clarinet, musical theory and how to become a moron. The rest of the week I studied Latin and I read the adventures of Bob Morane.

It required a two-year exploration of a few blue lagoons in Madagascar, the pleasures of chamber music, the disappearance of my mother, the solitude of boarding school, the discovery of poetry, colour and paintbrushes, the anesthesia of higher education, the practice of arranged piano, the abrasive impact of free jazz, a visit in hell, the meeting with my wife and that with my child, the trips in the little 2CV car, frenetic composing, disease, robbery and betrayal, business, repentance, Japan, for image and sound to take their place, little by little.


The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons
Kajibi Productions
Release in France: 2000

I composed this record working my head off and here is its story:
In 1998, I travelled to Japan to visit someone I care a lot about. I brought back many sounds recorded on the sidewalks, in the houses, under the pebbles and in the trees. I melted them together in disorder, with care.
I would have wanted to stay longer in this volcano, but I only passed by. Since then I invented for myself all the times of my absence, all the seasons I did not experience there.

Paul Brock - The Four Seasons