Pascal Lamour


It is generally thought that Shamans did not exist in Brittany.
However, if we are to believe that a shaman is a healer, a mystic, or a wanderer in both the spirit and the underworld, then he is truly part of our tradition.

Rituals and magic arts are very much alive not only in family life but also used by healers, witches and elders.

The collected evidence from the long and slow process of meetings, readings and studying books of spells and codes, has brought to light traces of extraordinary knowledge that was thought lost.

Brittany as evoked here through its myths is not the land of World Music or folklore but that of everyday Bretons ; their relationship with nature, their cultural changes, their strong links to rituals and ancestral practises, all with their XXI° century attitude.

Each piece of music is based on either a spoken or written ritual always in the Vannes dialect of the Breton language. This is the opening into the artists world, which is beyond the simple survival of the past. Pascal LAMOUR deeply feels these rites and brings them to life. Each and every one is a gateway : the musician opens the door between the different worlds, leaves his mark and stands out, through them, towards a gradual reconciliation.


Shamans of Brittany

Label: BNC 0603
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: September 24, 2004

Shamans never existed in Brittany – at least according to public knowledge. However, if you define the Shaman as a healer, a mystic and wanderer between the words of the spirits, the Shaman is well and alive in the traditions of this Celtic region of France. Rituals and practices of magic are still active within some family circles and through healers and sorcerers. Through visits and testimonies, through encounters and a thorough study of the texts, a patient investigation has delivered the traces of this ancient knowledge which many believe forgotten.

Each of the compositions is based on a spoken or sung ritual, always in the local dialect of the area around Vannes, in the South of Brittany. This way, you enter the world of an artist who originates from these parts, and who carries you far beyond a superficial visit of the past . Pascal Lamour impregnates himself with these rites and makes them come to life. Everyone of them is a passage. The musician opens the door between the worlds, casts his spell and projects the listener to a future reconciled with the past.

Pascal Lamour - Shamans of Brittany


Label: BNC
Distribution in France: Wagram
Release date: January 01, 1999

Pascal Lamour - Sanzao