The band had started to get together some 15 years ago, in a popular part of Paris, around Montmartre. These days, their songs, carried by the delicately rasping voice and the lyrics of Nader Mekdachi, still have that same character and fervor, and their whirling melodies, their portraits of humanity inspired by the raw material of the soul still shout out their love for life. PADAM mixes its passion for “la chanson française” with that for traditional music. Whether Jazz or Java of the islands, blues or boisterous oriental rhythms, or even northern style waltzes, they all color and celebrate the lyrics of Nader, stories of complicated love, of travels and encounters, as well as satiric or humorous portraits of anti-heroes that deal with their own crooked ways; a French lyrical approach that dreams of distant horizons, of becoming intoxicated by music and encounters and wanting to take off, flying above the roofs of the city.

With four albums and an EP under their belts, the group has been touring across France but also in Kazakhtan, in Russia, in North Africa, the Middle East, Canada and the USA. With a strong support by French radio, press and other music professionals (MIDEM Talent, for example) this band is bound to evolve and conquer.


Les Primitives

Label: Helico Music
Distribution in France: L'Autre Distribution
Release date: May 27, 2016

The French band PADAM is coming back with the most refreshing and lively album of their career. Surrounded by partners of his band from the start, Nader, who heads the band and is the main author/composer and his band create generous and invigorating world music that moves between Africa and Orient. The French texts are both colourful and poetic, and in all cases, very original. Padam lets us enjoy an album that celebrates life and music, that is brisk and lively, full of discoveries, rimes and dazzling rythms. Jazz or Java from the islands, waltz from the North, blues and boisterous rythms from the Orient put the Nader’s lyrics into colour, while he mixes styles and ads little electronic touches. A fascinating, generous album, that is open to the world.

Padam - Les Primitives