When Ramon Goose – “the cream of the UK’s emerging blues stars” – and Ed Vans began to forge a hip new fusion of Delta blues and hip-hop grooves, they needed a convincing blues vocalist to ride with them on their ambitious musical journey. They found that man in singer and rapper Jay Nicholls, whose voice evokes the very spirit of the Delta. With the solid addition of consummate blues and “in-the-pocket” hip-hop drummer Paul Francis – a veteran of gigs with BB King’s band – Nublues was born.

The band was discovered by Grammy Award-winning artist Chris Thomas King, known to many for his performance in O Brother, but well known to blues lovers as a great performer in his own right. When King signed Nublues to his Louisiana-based label 21st Century Blues Records for America, he made them the first UK blues act to sign to a US label in over 20 years. American music lovers can be proud that their heritage, the blues, continues to evolve not just in New Orleans, the Delta or Chicago but as far away as the UK. It’s over 100 years since WC Handy “discovered the blues” at that railroad station in Tutwiler, Mississippi, but this band proves that blues has a future at least as exciting as its past.


Snow on the tracks

Label: Dixiefrog
Distribution in France: Harmonia mundi
Release date: January 01, 2008

Nublues have pioneered their own blues and hip hop infused rock and roll and continue to do so with their brand new album “Snow On The Tracks” long awaited after the triumphant debut album “Dreams Of A Blues Man”....!

Nublues -  Snow on the tracks

Dreams of a blues man

Label: Dixiefrog
Distribution in France: Harmonia mundi
Release date: January 01, 2004

Nublues is a perfect example of the blues surviving in the hip-hop era. This British band mixes John Lee Hooker type riffs with urban beats “à la” Wu-Tang Clan. At a time when we have to rely on film-makers like Wim Wenders or Clint Eastwood to remind us of the force and truth contained in these forms of expression, Nublues is a healthy reminder of the ties between the blues, the Mississippi delta and the urban energy of rap.

Nublues - Dreams of a blues man