Norberto Pedreira


One way of active participation in listening to music is to let ourselves be carried away towards an image, a situation, a dream…yet this should not necessarily generate the same feelings in each of us. All our images and our stories have their roots in Latin America. These roots intermingle so as to create a fruit with the different flavours of the South. The ingredients are from Argentina, our country of origin : the zamba, the milonga, and the music of the Rio de la Plata, a hybrid music which connects the shores of Buenos Aires with those of Montevideo. Brazil brings the samba, the partido alto, and the baião. From Peru we have taken the lando and the waltz, and from Uruguay the candombe. Transcending all borders, these musics unite with each other so as to offer different images (OTRAS IMAGENES) of Latin America.


Otras Imagenes

Label: AÏA MUSIC / Al Sur / Disques Concord - AÏACD 2011
Distribution in France: Next Music
Release date: January 01, 2000

For sure, some French music lovers will be a little surprised while listening to these new sound images from Latin America. Nourished by musical references from Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil, the repertoire composed by the guitarist Norberto Pedreira has the (big) merit of reaching beyond the typical cycle of reworking and repetition. Distant from any clichés, he is using the rhythms of condombe, zamba or lando in order to set a base for a different, well constructed musical approach, which communicates well about the subtlety and the musical intelligence that has developed, during the eighties, south of the Equator. Pedreira has been living in France for the past ten years and has now established his own trio, relying particularly on the bass of Daniel Diaz for a real complicity “on the strings”.
Francisco Cruz, Le Monde de la Musique, 9/2000.

This instrumental trio (percussions-bass-guitar) makes Paris a home for all of Latin America’s emblematic music. Tangos, music from the Rio de la Plata, the Brasilian samba or the ancient waltzes from Peru: a large selection, with a touch of flamenco, a shivering of jazz and some impressionist ballads.
GEO, 8/2000.

They come from Argentina: from the Buenos Aires of the 60ies engaged in an intense musical movement, looking for new ways of expression based on popular and ethnic music as well as on jazz. They met in Paris, which has become their home. Their complicity within the Trio brings a new attire and some surprises to melodies discovered in Pedreira’s previous ensemble Encuentro.
Latina News, 6/2000.

Norberto Pedreira - Otras Imagenes