Melanie Horsnell



Qu4tre Chemins

Release date: March 22, 2015

Melanie Horsnell, a successful folk singer/songwriter in her own country, Australia, with a big faible for France and the French, recorded her latest album in Paris at the Studios Quatre Chemins in January 2015, singing in French and in English. As she describes the experience: “I went to France with for an unknown reason, was in Paris for just 2 and a half weeks, and in that time met some of the most beautiful musicians… and somehow left France with a whole album! We gathered at the studio and made an album in a few days, big open hearts, in a Paris that had just been through tragedy and love” .
The album features: Moira Montier – double bass, Laurent Delahaye – Irish Flute, Paddy Sherlock – trombone and vocals, Melissa Cox – violin, Melanie Horsnell – classical guitar and vocals and recorded, mixed and mastered by Michel Sikiotakis at Studio Quatre Chemins.

Melanie Horsnell - Qu4tre Chemins