Maxime Bender


The Maxime Bender 4tet tries to take a bold step and definitely moves away from the typical jazz routine as we’ve come to know it. The safety of the usual harmonical and rythmical structures that usually shape a jazz 4tet’s identity and behavious are dissolved and recycled into something fresher, freer, newer and certainly more exciting, opening up new spaces of spontaneous composition, direct and instant musical communication, always aiming for a totally uninhibited flow of creative energy.
The Maxime Bender 4tet are Maxime Bender (tenor and soprano saxophones), Simon Seidl (piano), Oliver Lutz (doublebass), Silvio Morger (drums)


Path of Freedom

Label: Laborie Jazz
Distribution in France: Abeille Musique
Release date: September 22, 2014

Newly signed under Laborie Jazz, talented saxophonist Maxime Bender takes a decisive step off the beaten tracks of jazz. In this quartet including musicians from Luxemburg, Switzerland and Germany, the language is one and the harmonic and rhythmic structures leave room for new spaces of spontaneous composition, an immediate musical communication, looking for an endless stream of creative energy. The stage remains above all the developer for this formation ; they convey with emotion their “Path of Decision” that will surely play a major role in the recognition by the public of his touching and innovative composer.

Maxime Bender - Path of Freedom