MAN are two musicians from Nantes, on the Atlantic Coast of France : Rasim Biyikli (piano, rhodes, melodica, guitares, rythms and electronics) and Charles-Eric Charrier (acoustic bass, melodica, rythms and electronics). They start working together continuously at the end of the 90ies, after a first encounter when both are members of a French group performing music between free rock and German cabaret sounds.

At that moment of the second, chance encounter, Man takes shape: the shape of a free man, with two heads, one listening to the other, completely in symbiosis when creating music; They develop and pursue their musical ambitions in a thoroughly considered way.

The duo starts working on this groundation in 1998, discard a first demo and then pursue with the small technical means at their disposal at that period. That first real collaboration concludes with a eponymous EP, followed, in the autumn of 1998, by the album “Man” (Autotomie-Tripsychord).

Totally disinterested in the analysis of their work, Man leaves to their listeners the act of creating their own interpretation. The French press reacts quickly, with re-currant attributes:

Elegance, uniqueness, subtleness, generosity, refinement, sensuality, beauty, intensity…

The duo’s first tour passes via Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and comprises 30 French dates. The need for autonomy in the context of this permanent “work in progress” approach leads the duo to create a mobile recording studio, ‘L’Homme qui rétrécit” (The Shrinking Man).

Financed by money earned with commissions for advertising, short and full length film music, company videos, multi-disciplinary performances, the creation of sound and visual installations, Man establish their independence.

At the end of 2000, the label DSA (Pascal Comelade, Pascals, Nick Tosches, Lee Ranaldo) re-issues the self-titled album and opens the way for an international distribution.

At the time of the second album, Man confirm their singular musical approach and paint with new colours. Man do not look for an identity, but for a face that is even closer to that of their dreams.

“MAIN GAUCHE” (Left Hand) confirms the convictions of the national press but also that of numerous international reviewers. All point out an even deeper engagement in a very personal approach that has intensified even further.

Man take to the road for another European concert tour and develop the studio activities in parallel, at the same time collaborating with the sculptor Pierrick Sorin, the French film directors Sébastien Betbeder, Marc Ponette, Pivanh, Martin Moimem and Gilles Peltier for a number of short movies and animated films, with Cyril Marie Borgner, the painter, with the ballet company Ecart Danse, with the Theatre Ys, with other musicians…

This series, especially the collaboration with Pierrick Sorin during the creation “Technicien de Surface” (Surface Technician) lead to a new stage concept with visual and sound interactivity.

During the heat wave of 2003, Man isolate themselves in a bunker in Nantes for three weeks creating and recording their third album, and follow this by a series of workshops for the creation of a scenic performance with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and other financial support. The presentation “Troisième Main” (Third Hand) is premiered at the Scopitone Festival in 2004.

With the release of the new album, Man will take the front of the stage again with their movies for the ears, and their music for the eyes.


Helping Hand

Label: Sub Rosa - SR253
Distribution in France: Nocturne
Release date: November 14, 2005

A duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists François Rasim Biyikli (piano, Rhodes, melodica, guitars, sounds) and Charles-Eric Charrier (acoustic bass, guitar, toys), Man produces a rare and elegant form of electro-acoustic music that touches base with uncharted territory where anything is possible. Disquieting and forthcoming, absent yet abominably present, the duo achieves an even more liberated form of music on this third opus. After two instrumental albums for DSA, three years spent playing concerts throughout Europe and multiple collaborations in the film context (about a dozen original soundtracks), fashion, tv, theatre, dance and the visual arts.

MAN - Helping Hand


Re-release 2006

MAN - Arthur

Main Gauche

Re-release 2006

MAN - Main Gauche