Since their beginnings in 1985, the group Lightwave have followed a particular road on the map of ” new music à la française”: Travelling from minimalism to electro-acoustic expression and to musical forms like electric trance, Lightwave is using the latest technology in order to reach sound spaces that are yet undiscovered (, organic and imaginary (je n’aime pas trop, Christophe, cela fait très new age, surtout onirique…))

The music resembles a sequence of sound adventures, or sound architecture, and takes the listener into a musical environment corresponding to that of a film, where he or she can invent their own scenario and images.

Thanks to an approach to old and modern electronic music equipment which is both playful and intuitive, Lightwave explores a poetic and sensual world and plays with sound as one would be with colours, shapes, objects or dimensions of space. On stage as in the studio, they will prefer to create music which is both direct and interactive, compositions which grow while the listening and the exchange between musicians takes place, like in a jazz trio or an improvising string quartet.

In the course of the eight albums now on release (originally in France, Germany and in the USA respectively), the music develops freely, between concept and imagination, between geometry and a labyrinth. Acclaimed by the professionals, Lightwave’s music has also attracted big audiences in concert events and through spectacular sound installations, for example in the biggest industrial gas storage construction in Europe (Oberhausen, Germany) or in the depth of the Choranche caves in the French mountainous region of the Vercors.

Since 2001, Lightwave is signed to the label ” Signatures ” created by national Radio France Musiques, releasing first their album “Caryotype” and now a new production, called “Bleue comme une orange”, on release since January 2004.

Currently, the group is in the process of developping music structures combined with video sequences which will be presented during forthcoming concert and installation events.


bleue comme une orange

Label: Radio France
Release date: January 01, 2004

Lightwave - bleue comme une orange


Label: France musique
Distribution in France: harmonia mundi
Release date: January 26, 2001

Lightwave - caryotype


MSI - 1173

Release Date : 1993

Lightwave - Uranography

Mundus Subterraneus

Fathom- HS 110582

Release Date : 1995

Lightwave - Mundus Subterraneus

In Der Unterwelt

Plans Sonores – 96001

Release Date : 1996

Lightwave - In Der Unterwelt

Cantus Umbrarum

Horizon Music – 10062

Release Date : 2000

Lightwave - Cantus Umbrarum