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The musician and composer Laurent Rochelle was born in France in 1967. Trained as a classical saxophone player from the age of 11, he then got attracted to jazz and improvised music in general, inspired by the saxophone player Thierry Maucci in Marseille, France, thanks to whom he discovered new musical worlds.
Rochelle became very interested in composition in his early years, immersing himself in music from the Balkans, drawing inspiration from classical European composers like Ravel, Bartok and Berg, as well as being inspired by American minimalist composers like Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Steve Reich.
Rochelle was a founding member of the French band Monkomarok, with whom he recorded four albums, three of which were released by the German label Enja. The band toured very successfully at an international level, from Kuwait and the Ukraine to Cameroon, Canada, Morocco and beyond, as well as playing many concerts in its home country.
He then played and composed for another project, the Lilliput Orkestra, a modern jazz quartet which received great reviews for its first album as well as subsequent ones, partly created by the Grand Lilliput Ensemble Orkestra of 10 musicians. He has also created music for theatre as well as writing music for short films.
His current project is the Okidoki Quartet’s CD “Si tu regardes” (“If you take a look”). He started his collaboration with Frederic Schadoroff, piano and sound effects, Olivier Brousse at the bass and Eric Boccalini on drums in 2013.
The first album release by this quartet is taking place on Linoleum Records at the end of April, 2016.


Si tu regardes

Label: linoleum
Distribution in France: L'Autre Distribution
Release date: April 25, 2016

The quartet OKIDOKI, created by Laurent Rochelle in 2013, is releasing a first album of 10 tracks called “Si tu regardes” (If you watch…) in 2016, on the label Linoleum/L’Autre Distribution.For this first project, the quartet invited Anja Kowalski, a singer from Brussels, on three titles, with texts written and sung by her in German and in English. The album proposes 10 original compositions inspired by modal, repetitive and minimalist music. The result is a flurry of hypnotic melodies carrying you away on an interior journey, carried by the gentle sound of the bass clarinet and the lyrical departures of the piano, all of this carried by an impeccable rhythmic support. This is Jazz with a new sound, very accessible and of great sensitivity.

Laurent Rochelle - Okidoki Quartet - Si tu regardes

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