Laurent Pernice


Beginnings in Toulon (south of France)
After having taken part as a bass player in various groups of the area, I launch out some experiments on four-track-cassette-tape and a computer. Thus is born, almost unconsciously, my first solo album, “Détails”, come out in 1989 by Permis de Construire (Nancy). New music? Industrial music? In any case, very personal. Two choreographers are interested in my work, use it in their show. The critical greeting is very good.

Industrial Rock Period
I’m introduced by my label to Nox, a band looking for a percussionist for a tour. Our feeling is really good. Overdriven guitars with humming percussions satisfy me fully. A series of concerts in Europe and a record, the third of the band (“Killing Drive Power”, 1989, also with Permis de Construire) results from this. However I feel the need to give my personal point of view. My second record (“axident”, always with Permis de Construire), much influenced by myparticipation in the band and produced by Gérome (Nox guitarist and leader), comes out in 1991.

Hallucinated Groove Period
The tempo of the concerts with Nox slows down: each member of the group being occupied by personal projects. I seize this opportunity to gently direct myself towards my third disc, “Exit to the City” (come out 1993 by PDCD, Germany). I still try out acnew way, always unclassable, mixing my impressions of trip to Moscow, the non-European music and a groove near to On-U-Sound bands. The criticism is very good. I start to draw near to the techno. One of the titles of “Exit to the City” will be remixed in this state of mind.

Ambient Period
In 1994, a new meeting, this time with an rather shifted German band, POL, whose music, full of nuances, is close to mine, makes me think about a record in collaboration with one of the members of POL, Marcus Schmickler (Pluramon). That gives one year later “Sept Autres Créatures”, come out by Odd Size Records (Paris). Resolutely directed ambient techno, the loops of synthesisers are pre-eminent there, compared to the samples. The atmospheres, complex, are very much varied, the beat fluctuant.

Back To The Roots
In 1998, I need to find again thyme and “farigoulette”: I move to Marseilles. At this time, I feel the need to speed up the tempos, to turn over to a more direct vision of music, more “rock’n’roll”. Thus I work out “Tambo”. Always in a techno vein, but with more samples, I search simpler and faster things, while keeping the richness of atmospheres, the baroque side, foutraque of my preceding album. “tambo” will not born such as I anticipate at the beginning, but some of these pieces will be used a little later on Split CD (with 99mg, Amaury Cambuzat, from the band Ulan Bator), “Ligne Latérale”, come out by Fario.

Electronica Furiosa
The new millennium involves me in electronic experiments increasingly more unslung: “Yppah”, a proteiforme album, dedicated to the American poet Walt Whitman, at Moloko+ (Germany). Jazz is mixed with funk, ambient is amalgamated with industrial music… The big cauldron of computer allows everything: thus it is necessary to try out everything…

First release: “infrajazz”, at Organic (Grenoble), in 2003. It is not jazz yet but this album is supported by an ambiant jazz feeling, like a spinal column.

Second release: “Drosophiles and doryphores”, with the science-fiction writer and saxophonist Jacques Barbéri, at RX:TX, in 2004. This is jazz, but electronically distorted. A new sound is coming.


A World Too Late

Label: The Sublunar Society
Release date: July 01, 2018

The intriguing French composer Laurent Pernice has composed and experimented with techno, jazz, funk, ambient, industrial music… He knows how to play keyboards, percussion instruments, bass guitar, zither, double bass… Now he has come up with a new experimental electronic album, A World Too Late, in his first CD release on the swedish Sublunar label. This creation has a strong and esthetic beauty, linking music and rhythms from all over the world. This is its main fascination and delight.

Laurent Pernice - A World Too Late

Drosophiles et Doryphores

Release Date: March 2004
Second release: “Drosophiles and doryphores”, with the science-fiction writer and saxophonist Jacques Barbéri. This is jazz, but electronically enhanced. The CD explores subtle, ambient electro-jazz.

Laurent Pernice - Drosophiles et Doryphores