Raw energy, strong Mediterranean influences, Western lyricism and modern compositions… L’Hijâz’Car cross back and forth between the borders of the Mediterranean area, always true to their belief that different cultures should not oppose but complement each other. Arising from jazz, traditional, improvised, contemporary, electric and experimental musics, they have seized instruments and traditional vocabularies, and retranscribed in their compositions a poetic and modern vision of these uncountable treasures.
They have played their repertoire from Algeria to Brazil, crossing Europe and Mediterranean countries.
During these tours, they have collaborated with the string quartet of the Moroccan violinist Aziz Boulaaroug , the Tuareg choir of Lalla Tahra (Tamanrasset) for the creation Sha’ Ir Majnûn in 2003.
And mostly with the Shawiya singer Houria Aïchi (Batna). Gregory Dargent created for her the record « Cavaliers de l’Aurès » in 2008 (Accords Croisés – Harmonia Mundi). It has been elected « Coup de Cœur » of the Charles Cros academy, praised by Trad Magazine , « best world album » by Schallplatten Kritik in Germany, and stands in the 10 best world music albums in 2009 in Japan. They’ve toured with this repertoire for years (Berliner Philharmoniker, Stimmen Festival, Les Suds in Arles, Forde Festivalen, EthnoPort Poznan…).
L’Hijâz’Car, fed by Olivier Messiaen’s musical liturgies as well as Tuareg trances, Fred Frith’s experimentations and Kurdish bards , has nothing about “fusion” in its music, but a true research of a common shared DNA.
Its musicians creates a modern and contemporary tradition, a perfect cinematic original soundtrack, a rumor formed with all the languages of the world mastered freely. They have learnt to be lights in the shadow of Divas and now, at last, they make their own journey…



Label: Buda Musique
Distribution in France: Universal Music
Release date: March 10, 2014

Five musicians hailing from jazz, traditional, improvised, contemporary, electric and experimental music, round up East and West, sacred and secular, tradition and modernity. “At the dawn of the new millennium, Hijaz’Car started to build its first golden bridges – of the kind that lighten up Istanbul nights, rounding up both East and West, sacred and secular. Until recently, they were known as the grand retinue of the majestic singer Houria Aïchi. It took about a whole decade and hundreds of concerts the world over for their first album to finally see the light of day. They have invented a modern, contemporary tradition, the original soundtrack of a dream movie, a rumble made of all the world’s languages, whose erudite and wildly free grammar only they fully master.” (adapted from BABX)

L'Hijâz'Car - L'Hijâz'Car