Jean Michel


New Medium Softpack

Label: Elaganz
Release date: January 01, 2001

Following SIXPACK, last year’s vinyl release, “New Medium Softpack” is Jean-Michel’s enforced attack on your auricular experi-mentality – an electronic listening experience with its evolution of diversity in style and growing distraction in playfulness. Since 1998, Jean-Michel has issued two EPs and one CD as well as one vinyl only album on perky and classy German electronics label Eleganz; all were highly acclaimed and branded “masterpieces” or even “mini bibles”. Remix work has been done for and by celebrities such as the Bollock Brothers, Samba, Nolte, Chekov, Blackmail and label mates Elektrotwist. Jean-Michel has the talent to sort out the beauty in all the chaos and to find, somewhere between strange noises and ruthless hammering beats, the pop appeal that make his records so charming.Release Date: April 26, 2001

Jean Michel - New Medium Softpack