Golden Gate Quartet


The Golden Gate Quartet has been singing songs from our ancestors during the time of slavery, more than 75 years. Slaves were permitted to protest religiosly, singing in cottons fields and churches by their masters. That’s how, Negro Spirituals, Gospels and Blues came about. Example, once there was a very elderly slave who knew his days were ending so, he asked his friends to help him sing perhaps, his last song…

“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”

Clyde Wright



Label: Dixiefrog
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: October 07, 2010

The Golden Gate Quartet is a part of History, but it is far from being history. Almost eight decades after they emerged in the segregated South of the Depression, the Gates prove their resilience with an album, aptly entitled Incredible, that proves as cutting edge as anything they’ve done before.
In the course of an unwavering career, the Gates have seen members come and go. Yet the Gates have maintained inordinate cohesion and consistency throughout their career, both in their personnel and artistic vision.
But more than anything else, the GGQ’s résumé displays their will to innovate. At an age when others think of retiring, their leader, Clyde Wright, still feels the need to move ahead. After bridging the gap between spiritual and gospel, after announcing the hip-hop revolution with the long raps that have been the feature of their preaching style for three quarters of a century, the Gates are eager to demonstrate that modernity, unlike fads and fashions, is a state of mind.

Golden Gate Quartet - Incredible