Giovanni Mirabassi


Born in Perugia, Italy in 1970, Giovanni Mirabassi is completely self-taught. After working in Italy with several notable groups, (he played with Chet Baker in 1987, and Steve Grossman in 1988) he relocated to Paris in 1992. Awarded the prize for best soloist at the Lauréat international competition of Avignon in 1996, he recorded his album ‘Dyade – En bonne et due forme’. Since then he has collaborated with several musicians on the Paris and international scene such as Stefano Di Battista, Flavio Boltro, Aldo Romano, Louis Moutin, Glenn Ferris, Andrzej Jagodzinskj, Michel Portal, Nelson Veras and has worked as leader on several albums for the French record label SKETCH of which his solo album ‘Avanti!’ has sold over 20,000 copies. That album won him the prestigious Victoires du Jazz in 2002, and his album “air” , a trio with Glenn Ferris and Flavio Boltro was voted best album of the year 2003 by the Django Reinhardt Academy of Jazz. He has played in numerous international concert halls and festivals such as the Paris Jazz Festival, Era jazzu, JVC Jazz festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Tokyo Sumida Symphony Hall and Japan.

Selected Discography :
Cambaluc – Egea Records – 1997
Architectures – Sketch – Harmonia Mundi -1998
Avanti ! – Sketch – Harmonia Mundi – 2000
Dal vivo – Sawano Shokai – 2001
Giovanni Mirabassi & Jagodzinskj trio -Dreadlines – 2002
Air – Sketch – Harmonia Mundi – 2003
Live at Sunside (dvd) – Sawano Shokai – 2004
Léo en toute liberté – La mémoire et la mer – Harmonia Mundi – 2004
Prima o poi – Minium – Discograph – 2005


Out of track

Label: Discograph
Distribution in France: Discograph
Release date: March 30, 2009

The Italian pianist Giovanni Mirabassi has been of the major jazzmen on the European jazz scene for more than ten years. Released first of all in France and in Japan, his albums, as well as his concerts, have been acclaimed by the press, his fellow musicians and by his exceptionally faithful fans. In Leon Parker, the American drummer who has several albums as a leader to his credit and in the excellent double bass player Gianluca Renzi, the pianist has found the ideal rhythm section to achieve the perfect combination of Italian lyricism and his passion for swing. These three musicians all take evident pleasure in playing together and exploring their musicality. “Out of Track” was recorded at the end of their first tour together in spring 2008, as their music and friendship grew and their creative partnership matured.With his fourth album as a leader of his current trio, Mirabassi demonstrates once again the essence of this exceptional collaboration. The album will be launched with a big concert in paris in June, to be followed by an international tour in the autumn.

Giovanni Mirabassi - Out of track

Terra Furiosa

Label: Discograph - 6100295
Distribution in France: Discograph
Release date: February 08, 2008

With Terra furiosa, this disciple of Aldo Ciccolini and Enrico Pieranunzi returns to the piano-bass-drum format that he loves and which was the structure of his beginnings. He is supported by two great jazz players: the American drummer Leon Parker and the Italian bass player Gianluca Renzi. Giovanni has created a new and spontaneous work, helped by the enthusiasm of his two musical partners who were very involved in this adventure right from the start. All of the tracks were recorded in one or two goes, and as very often on previous CDs, he has privileged the freshness of new compositions (seven new titles of nine in total).

Giovanni Mirabassi - Terra Furiosa

Prima O Poi

Label: Minium
Distribution in France: Discograph
Release date: November 14, 2005

Creating that perfect album is as tricky as setting up the heist of a maximum security bank. The plan needs time to mature, and friends stay waiting in the wings, ready to strike. Everything is in suspense until the right day comes along : That day, it all swings into action as naturally as can be. Giovanni Mirabassi was bound to get there. This 35 year old Italian jazz pianist has been a lone ranger on the French jazz scene for many years. In 1998 he earned widespread critical acclaim by ‘breaking into’ that scene with his ” Architectures ”, as finely honed as a Baudelaire poem. In 2001 he made an even stronger impact with ” Avanti ” – a series of revolutionary songs transformed into jazz standards. Then, in 2003, he took one step further with ” Air ”, a three way dialogue between a piano, a trombone and a bugle. Now the day has finally come for Mirabassi to make his strongest mark. His accomplices are perfect for the task: Louis Moutin, who crafts a perfect beat, Gildas Boclé who pinches the bass strings and then lets them slide, as well as Flavio Boltro, whose trumpet is both sparkling and melodic – a sound that would break any safe. The record is out on a new label, a change is always a breath of fresh air. With a successful musical hold up, nine jewels have been snatched up and set free. This is jazz that is free spirited, groovy and fun. It is well put together, yet utterly spontaneous. (extr. Bruno Costemalle)

Giovanni Mirabassi - Prima O Poi

DVD Live at Sunside

Label: Atelier Sawano - SDVF 003
Distribution in France: in Japan
Release date: January 01, 2004

Giovanni Mirabassi - DVD Live at Sunside


Label: Sketch Records - SKE 333036
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: January 01, 2003

The encounter of jazz pianist Giovanni Mirabassi with the trumpet and bugle player Flavio Boltro and the trombone of Glenn Ferris might come as a surprise in terms of the combination of instruments… but right from the start, listening to “LILI EST LA” (“Lili is here”, or “Lili has arrived”) the listener cannot but approve of this choice. The brass players enhance the sumptuous melodies: they support the piano or create exchanges without ever drowning it, and add a dose of lyricism, if necessary… “Air” is a production in which the piano can breathe, where the musicians have space to express themselves, creating atmospheres that cover a spectrum from black to dreamy. The French Jazz Academy declared it “the best CD of 2003” in the French section.

Giovanni Mirabassi - Air


Label: Sketch Records - SKE 333015
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: January 01, 2001

Giovanni Mirabassi - Avanti

Dal Vivo

Label: Sketch Records - SKE 333021
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: January 01, 2001

Giovanni Mirabassi - Dal Vivo