Gino Sitson


Once upon a time, there was Gino Sitson, an unidentified vocalobject, as he likes to define himself with a touch of humor.
Gino Sitson comes from a family of musicians. Early in his life he was introduced to blues, jazz and African traditional music, both by listening to records which his parents played and by practicing it, right from the age of 10.

Before he started a career with his own group, he shared his time between music academies and university (at the Sorbonne,in Paris), where he studied languages and ethnomusicology.

Little by little Gino Sitson entered the professional musical world, first as a drummer, then as a singer. On scene or in recording studios, his voice was requested by Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Wally Badarou, Ray Lema, Jorge Ben, John William,Brice Wassy, Exile One, Moni Bilé, La Compagnie Créole, Oliver N’Goma, Steve Potts, Antoinette Konan, “So Why ?” (Youssou N’Dour, Papa Wemba, Wally Badarou, Jabu Khanyile & Bayete, Lourdes Van-Dunem, Lagbaja, Lucky Dube) and by many other artists.

Since his first album, called Vocal Deliria, Gino Sitson has toured in France and abroad, with his vocal-afro-jazz group. He has appeared in well-known Parisian stages such as the New Morning , the Petit Journal Montparnasse, the Duc des Lombards, the Sunset and the All Jazz Club. He has also given concerts in the Hot Brass and the Divan du Monde which were recorded for Radio France Internationale and filmed for a television program called AfricaLive, broadcasted by MCM and Canal France International, two cable channels.
Gino Sitson has performed in various music festivals abroad : the Open PROMO; the Musica Dei Popoli (Merate, Italy); the Palermo di Scena (Sicilia, Italy); also in Lecco (Italy), where he opened for the Brazilian singer João Bosco; in Düsseldorf (Germany) and in the well-known New York club Knitting Factory.

His unusual vocal tone and his talent as a composer, interpreter and arranger make him very much in demand for albums, advertising (Danone yogurt, Dim stokings, Peugeot cars …), radio and television jingles. He has sung and performed in a musical in whose composition he took part (Jeanne et le garçon formidable – first shown in 1998).
Beginning year 2000, Gino Sitson released his second solo album, called Song Zin’- which means “I’m gonna tell you…”, in Medumba, one of the numerous languages of Cameroon.


Song Zin

Label: Piranha Musik - CDPIR 1682
Distribution in France: Night & Day
Release date: March 15, 2000

After “Vocal Deliria”, a debut album acclaimed by critics, composed of vocal African polyphonies and polyrhythmics, Gino Sitson now presents a second album called “Song Zin’” with both orchestrated and vocal pieces, once again all composed by him.

Aerial and impregnated with subtle melodic and rhythmic nuances, Song Zin’ opens the way to the free expression of voice. Gino Sitson continues his way through a vocal universe, whose frontiers he jostles with a delirious inventiveness and a jubilant originality. Between respect and daring, cleverly balanced, between exploration of roots and opening to modernity, Gino Sitson’s pioneering-voice follows a path off the beaten track.

Attentive to his African roots, Gino Sitson sings most of his texts in Medumba, one of the numerous languages of Cameroon, which sounds like music itself! Thus, he opens the way to an African music in the complete definition of the term: from the language used to the themes evoked (slavery; racial prejudice; or respect of the words of ancestors), without forgetting the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic richness of African music. His texts reflect a certain outlook on the world, both committed and poetic.

Inspired by that subtle and brilliant tension between joy in the magic of life and bitter sorrow at the history of Black people, “Song Zin’” is an album radiating true inner emotions, both deep and light, serious and delirious. You can listen to it, breathe it, dance to it; it talks to you as if it were using a language close to yours with universal dimension.

Even the musical team of the album represents a journey: the Cameroonian Denis TCHANGOU on percussions and drums; the French-Tahitian Carine BONNEFOY on piano; the Cameroonian Noël EKWABI on acoustic bass; and the French saxophonist Jean-Baptiste DOBIECKI.

For some of the pieces, the team is enlarged with the additional voices of the Caribbean Xénia CARAÏBE and Gino Sitson’s compatriots from Cameroon Valérie BÉLINGA and Joëlle ESSO (on Paper; 400 Years After…; Bi Nyaï; Super Lérie).

Finally, on a few tracks of the album, Gino Sitson invited three talented guests: the pianist Mario CANONGE, from Martinique (on Lensin’ ; La Moun) ; the Venezuelan percussionist Orlando POLEO (on Lensin’) and the French cellist Vincent SEGAL (on 400 Years After…; and Bi Nyaï).

Gino Sitson - Song Zin

Vocal Deliria

Label: Polyvocal Records - 069
Distribution in France: Night & Day
Release date: January 01, 1995

Gino Sitson - Vocal Deliria