Freylekh Trio



Goulash System

Label: Musikaktion
Distribution in France: Mosaic Music
Release date: April 02, 2009

The Freylekh Trio, consisting of Jacques Gandard on violin (member of the Quatuor Bedrich), Toma Feterman on guitar (member of La Caravane Passe) and the acoustic bass player David Feterman (member of Toubab All Stars), are travelling in music by creating high flying improvisations. Compositions that mix traditional Yiddish spirit with Gypsy style, moving across Europe and the Orient. Sometimes, we recognize a known, rearranged melody, where joy (- freylekh means happy in Yiddish) and nostalgia find a common ground. Goulash Sytem is a collective around the Freylekh Trio that reunites musicians of French, Klezmer, Gypsy, American, Hungarian, Serbian, Rumanian and Cameroon origins. All of them met in Paris – sometimes just passing through, sometimes for a year, or for a lifetime… Tim Sparks (guitare), Florin Gugulica (clarinette), Kayou Noubomon (saxophone, chant et percussions),Erika Serre (chant), Jasko Ramic (accordéon), Yom (clarinette), Jacques Gandard (violon), Toma et David Feterman (guitare et contrebasse)

Freylekh Trio - Goulash System