François Elie Roulin


François Élie Roulin is the only French composer produced by Brian Eno on his Opal label, about whom Brian was prompted to say: “François Élie Roulin is one of the pioneering new sound-painters. His work is surprising and innovative and points towards new musical territories.”
In 1990, his groundbreaking “Disque Rouge” was well received by the public and critics alike. In 1993, “Initial Number” pushed the envelope further, merging electronic and acoustic instruments with soaring soprano voices. In 1998, his third album , “Spinning Skies” sounded like a symphony riddled with strange harmonies and rhythms, not unlike a Philip K. Dick book.
“Parade” is another sparkling showcase for François Élie Roulin’s eclectic talent. Here we find ourselves at the heart of a virtual soundtrack, traveling through his multi-faceted brain.
Each track takes us by surprise, delighting us with unexpected new worlds. Like Forrest Gump choosing a chocolate, we don’t know what to expect, but we are sure that it will be delicious.
Composer François Élie Roulin is secretly behind much of the current French audio landscape, having produced over a hundred soundtracks for commercials, some of which received awards at Cannes’ Gold Lions “Festival de la Pub.”
He has also played a large part in composing for the image industry: Films scores, TV station ID themes , music for credits, documentaries and commercials, and also for stage and film.
His original music was even used by the French Gymnastic Team at the most recent Olympic Games. His work for children combines richness with simplicity, and he has produced dozens of talking books for Disney, as well as a collection for Ades along with Danielle Fournier, and cartoons with “Little King Macius”.
His new album, “Le catalogue des rêves”, a mix of instrumentals and songs melting classical instruments (violin, alto, cello, trumpet) and modern instruments (guitars, electric bass…) as well as extraordinary female vocals (Lisa Papineau, Mia Livolsi, Victoria Rummler…), will be released end of August 2011.