Eve Risser


Born in 1982 Eve Risser has her musical roots in chamber music as a flutist and pianist. While residing in Alsace, France, she merged in to the contemporary and jazz/improvised music world. In June 2008, she got the 1st Piano Price in Jazz & Improvised Music at National Conservatory in Paris, a soloist price at the International Competition of La Défense. From 2009 to 2013 she was part of National Jazz Orchestra of France (ONJ) directed by Daniel Yvinec.

Eve’s multifaceted musical creativity has been heard in various settings, festivals and groups throughout the world. She performs solo with piano or electric harpsichord, interpreting her own improvisations or compositions. She leads and co-leads, plays, and composes in the Donkey Monkey duo with Yuko Oshima ; in the quartet The New Songs with the Swedish singers and composers Sofia Jernberg, Kim Myhr and David Stackenäs ; in the trio EN-CORPS (Risser/Duboc/Perraud); and many others. Currently, Eve’s musical life is based in Paris where she is involved in organizing creative music live performances and the label UMLAUT. Eve has had the possibility to play and collaborate with great musicians such as John Hollenbeck, Billy Hart, Benoît Delbecq, Jon Irabagon, Mickael Formanek, Médéric Collignon, Marc Ducret, Emile Parisien, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Michael Zerang, Andreas Werliin, Joel Grip, Eivind Lohning, Wolfgang Mitterer, Quatuor Bela, MAGMA, Le Sacre du Tympan, Magnetic Ensemble, The Bridge #5, les solistes de l’Ensemble Intercontemporain Nicolas Crosse & Pascal Gallois, Pascal Niggenkemper Vision 7 and many others.


Les deux versants se regardent

Label: Clean Feed
Distribution in France: Orkhêstra
Release date: November 10, 2016

French pianist and composer Eve Risser is one the most looked at artists of the young European creative scene, at the crossroads of jazz, improvised and contemporary music. With a strong experience in the Orchestre National de Jazz and many musical creations, she made the bet of writing for a ten musician orchestra gathering the cream of the Parisian scene as well as a Norwegian trumpet player. This album is the first program of the White Desert Orchestra, a musical project inspired by the Canyons of South West America.

Eve Risser - Les deux versants se regardent