Dom Flemons


Dom Flemons is the “American Songster,” pulling from traditions of old-time folk music to create new sounds.


Prospect Hill

Label: Dixiefrog
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: March 10, 2015

Prospect Hill, originally released in 2014 by the American Music Maker Relief Foundation, is now on release in France and Europe by the very respected French blues label Dixiefrog. The album finds Dom Flemons digging deeply into ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, southern folk music, string band music, jug band music, fife and drum music, and ballads idioms with showmanship and humor, reinterpreting the music to suit 21st century audiences. Dom Flemons was one of the founders of the very successful folk ensemble Carolina Chocolate Drops, much appreciated across Europe and especially in the UK, whose members have since pursued separate careers.

Dom Flemons - Prospect Hill