Christophe & Tony Raymond


Jazz Angels is an appropriate name for twin brothers Tony and Christophe Raymond, for their music takes you to a dreamworld. Lead by an inconceivable and instinctive understanding, they perform their marvelous melodies full of gripping harmonies and rhythms as if of one mind. Through their playing, they reveal unknown places, charming their listeners with their virtuosity, finesse and poetry.
Listening to the Jazz Angels is a truly unique experience: Christophe sometimes even sings during his violin solo-parts.
Born on May 12, 1976 in the small town of St. Saulve in the Northen region of France, the twins started their musical career at the young age of eight years. They were surrounded by music most of early years. Their parents managed a music shop in Denain and played dance music with guitar and accordion at parties after closing time and on weekend.
Although Christophe showed more interest in learning violin, their parents insisted on piano lessons for both of them first.
After five years, the Conservatoire de Musique/Perpignan awarded a gold medal to Tony for his skills on the piano. Playing Chopin’s etudes, Ravel’s Jeuz d’eau, sonatas by Beethoven and Prokofiev and the second concerto by Rachmaninov satisfied the jury.
Christophe finally got his will, changed to violin and was rewarded with a gold medal after five years of study as well.
The Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) awarded the first prize to both of them in 1994.
Two years later, in 1996, they started their studies at C.I.M., a school and modern music in Paris. During their studies, the school awarded several prizes to both of them for classes in composition, orchestration and theory of harmony.
At the age of 18, they were fortunate to work with such important jazz musicians as Didier Lockwood, Michel Petrucciani, Emmanuel Bex and George Prete.
Tony worked as a teacher at C.I.M. for one year, and both now give private lessons at the school as they continue their musical career.
Currently, they are in close collaboration with Flavio Boltro (trumpet), Cheik Tidiane Seck (piano), Rido Bayonne, as well as the new French star on bass, Hadrien Feraud and his drummer Damien Schmitt.
With these musicians, the twins have already performed in many Paris jazz clubs, Satellit Cafe, Sunset and Baiser Sale.
The African pianist Cheik Tidiane Seck invited Christophe to record sessions for his new album. In addition, American jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and sax player Manu di Bango are participating in this project.
Their first album, featuring Hadrien Feraud and Damien Schmitt was released on Warner Jazz in 2009.


Christophe et Tony Raymond

Label: Lontano / Warner Classics & Jazz
Release date: May 18, 2009

The twins Christophe Raymond, who is a violinist, and Tony Raymond, the pianist, have their first, eponymous album on release in France through the label Lontano, which is part of Warner. In it, the two young jazz musicians demonstrate the deep complementarity between them, combining melody, harmony and rhythm in a duet which is both earth bound and flighing high, with the support of Hadrien Feraud on bass and Damien Schmitt on drums . From their compositions, their wish to abolish frontiers and definitions within music comes to the fore; while they display the acoustic beauty of their respective instruments, with a strong emphasis on melody, they also create an irresistible groove.The nine pieces in this album are all avenues of musical exploration in an instrumental universe promising a great future. Christophe and Raymond have invited star violin player Didier Lockwood, Rosario Giuliani on sax and trumpeter Flavio Boltro to interpret their music with them.

Christophe & Tony Raymond - Christophe et Tony Raymond