Bo Weavil



A Son of Pride

Label: Dixiefrog
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: October 30, 2015

“The title “A Son of Pride” actually talks of a sin of pride that I once considered committing. My wish was to record a session of my own music with a big, outstanding psychedelic-afro-fusion-funky-garage-blu­es-rock band. Well, yeah! But without a single buck in my pockets… When I asked some of my favorite musicians and sound-engineer friends about joining forces for this new project, all my fellows spontaneously cheered. Together we played and recorded big time in my home studio, and it seemed everybody was in the ultimate perfect mood to bring up the best. And there, within a few magic days time, we arranged and cut the songs of this album, a combination of all our skills, our love and pledge for the music, and also our pride. My wish is now granted, a son is born and this is him, A Son Of Pride… Enjoy! ” Bo Weavil

Bo Weavil - A Son of Pride