came to life in 2002 through the initiative of trumpet player Pierre Millet. The American School of Paris and French group “Les Elles” were the main places of encounter for the 4 musicians of the band. A true human adventure and a productive artistic laboratory resulted in the first, eponymous album of the quartet. This first production is also the first, proud release for young French label Eklektik Rekords (distributed by Nocturne).

Pierre Millet – Trumpet and composition.
Pierre Millet currently plays in the electro-jazz quartet B.L.A.S.T and in the Renza-Bo Quintet (which he also founded and for which he composes). In the past, he has touched upon many different styles (funk, jazz, etc.), most notably in the French groups “Cirque du Docteur Paradi” and “Les Elles”. These days he is focusing on jazz and other improvised music.

Nicolas Gueguen – piano, composition, arrangements.
Coming from Jazz and Funk, he meets Booster. Making a first album with Booster, Nicolas discovers the pleasures of groove and of working with machines. He then participates in numerous bands (Booster, Snooze, Malik, Food, Bezo, Beat Assailant). With B.L.A.S.T, he is experimenting by mixing synthesizers, improvising and composing…

Florent Richard – electric bass and double bass.
His training is in classical music, studying cello at the conservatory for 10 years. His first encounter with Pierre Millet and Nicolas Gueguen takes place at the American School of Modern Music. He starts his professional carrier as a bass player in the musical “L’air de Paris” with Patrick Dupont and Roland Romanelli. He tries the jazz trio format with Francoise Pujol, and a Big Band with Claude Tera Nova. The B.L.A.S.T project opens new musical horizons.

Stephane Diatchenko – electronic music arrangements (programming).
The “Ukrainian” of B.L.A.S.T takes his first steps in the electro world with the Brits. As a free parties lover and dj in the 90’s, he tours France behind his machines while at the same time training as a sound engineer. In 1999, he also crosses the path of the band “Les Elles”. In 2002 he starts programming sequences, used as samples for B.L.A.S.T.



Label: Eklektik rekords
Release date: September 17, 2004