Armel Dupas


Music and art are part of his daily life and his family environment. Carried by the very rich musical milieu of Nantes, he decided quite naturally to transform his passion into his occupation.
At age 21, he enters the Jazz class at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and meets numerous musicians of his own generation through diverse projects that will nourish his future creations. Besides, Armel begins to perform in Parisian Jazz Clubs as a pianist as well as a composer and an arranger of the groups he belongs to. Thanks to this, he will be noticed by his peers.
In 2011, the singer Sandra Nkaké offered him to join her new formation for the tour of the album Nothing for Granted. They will end up making 120 concerts around the world and obtaining in 2012 a price at Les Victoires de la Musique (the French equivalent of the Grammy Awards) in the jazz category (Les Victoires du Jazz).
In parallel, in 2013, Armel creates with the drummer Corentin Rio the electro-jazz-groove duet WaterBabies. The formation becomes laureate of the Rézzo Focal Jazz springboard in Vienna. Moreover, its first album Inner Island (released on the record label Naïve) is praised by the critics (JazzMagazine Revelation, JazzNews Discovery).
In May 2014, Armel joins the prestigious Sky Dancers Quintet of the bass player Henri Texier who says about him: “I’ve discovered a very musically involved musician who has all the qualities of what I call the “Figurative Jazz”. That is to say a sense of rhythm, of melody and of the harmonic colors, but also a lot of elegance in the touch of the instrument and a way of putting things into space that I especially like.”
These various requests open for him the doors of French auditoriums and festivals such as the New Morning, La Cigale, L’Olympia, Jazz à Vienne or Jazz in Marciac, but also abroad : The Lincoln Center (New York), The Standard (Copenhagen), The Montreux Jazz Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival …
Recently invited to perform in Taïwan, he experiences a real appeal for musical travels which makes his inspiration thrive.

His talent for improvisation and composition also allows him to work for movie directors such as Arnaud Desplechin (A Christmas Tale, Jimmy P.), Michel Gondry (Mood Indigo) or Olivier Jahan (T’embrasser une Dernière Fois). He also co-wrote the soundtrack of the movie Inside Paris for the filmmaker Christophe Honoré. From this soundtrack, he created a movie conference in November 2014.

His solo project named Upriver is the subject of an album released on August 25th 2015, in an electroacoustic style that falls entirely within the scope of the current jazz sound.



Label: Upriver Records
Distribution in France: L'Autre Distribution
Release date: October 20, 2017

Having already carved out a niche for himself on the French jazz scene with collaborations, from Sandra Nkaké to Henri Texier, Armel Dupas has flung open the doors to his universe with his first releases, (Waterbabies, 2013 and Upriver/solo, 2015) . The solo album by the inspired pianist and composer read like a personal diary in which, swathed in subtle electro sounds, the pages were made up of pastel melodies, minimalist motifs and snatches of the soundtrack to imaginary films.
The album A Night Walk shows us a more angular facet of the the artist’s musical personality. For his new Trio project, the electro-acoustic touch, which characterizes his style, oscillates for this new band, between ambient music and progressive rock. It also offers an important space to the synthesizer contributions by Mathieu Penot and Kenny Ruby, respectively drummer and bassist of the trio. During the sequence of the eight tracks, his piano, with its great variety of feelings, introduces us into the emotional universe of a man walking through the night in search of an answer.

Armel Dupas - A NIGHT WALK


Label: Jazz Village
Distribution in France: Harmonia Mundi
Release date: August 25, 2015

"[…] as a great lover of male and female singer discs and as a several time arranger of vocalists’ albums, I have the idea of incorporating the sound of my piano in a kind of electroacoustic tape. This provides the necessary originality to this solo form. […] Mathieu Penot, the arranger, brings two essential things to the project: firstly, a care for the infinitesimally small through digital glitches that we don’t necessarily perceive when we first hear it and, secondly, an amplification of the fortissimos, a little like in an enhanced reality. »
Armel Dupas

Armel Dupas - Upriver